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Friday, Aug 22, 2014
Songwriters have long been in tune with Tampa
Many musicians have managed to work the city into their lyrics as they describe its nice - and sometimes notorious - aspects.
A visitation will precede a funeral in St. Petersburg for retired Marine Corps Cpl. Rob Richards, a decorated combat veteran who died in North Carolina on Aug. 13.
Procession, funeral in St. Pete for controversial Marine
New center Evan Dietrich-Smith is being counted on to lead an overhauled Bucs offensive line.
Smith, Dietrich-Smith forge bond over classic cars
Bishop penitent about film made on Catholic campus


If trust fails, cops’ gear irrelevant

Tom Jackson LAND O’ LAKES — Suddenly, wrapped in bullet- stopping armor and arriving with a rumble and a throaty diesel growl, America has a new paranoia: the militarization of local law enforcement. On the left and the libertarian right, hands are being wrung in righteous concern about the betrayal of Sir Robert Peel’s fundamentals of policing, up to and including his admonition that the best evidence of excellent law enforcement is when nobody notices it’s happening.

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