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Friday, Jul 25, 2014
Camp draws faithful - and optimistic - fans
Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Super Fans Keith Kunzig playing the role of Big Nasty, far left, and David Baker playing the role as A-Train Man, far left, poses for a photograph with Luke Petitta, 9, of Sarasota during the first day of training camp,
Lightning bolts and booming thunder greeted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Friday afternoon as they took the field for the opening practice of training camp.
Carl Nicks says this is the right decision for him, his family and the team. 
Nicks, Bucs part ways after two years
The ruling on gay marriage issued today by Circuit Judge Sarah Zabel applies only in Miami-Dade County.
Same-sex marriage ban struck down for Miami area
Richard McTear Jr. is led into court after a recess on Friday morning.
Expert: Baby found on side of road had awful injuries


Don’t be snowed by the far left’s latest darling

Douglas MacKinnon Poor Hillary Clinton. First, she loses the 2008 Democratic presidential primary to an unknown community organizer from Chicago whose early mentors were a documented domestic terrorist and a convicted felon now serving time in a federal prison. Now, she is at increasing risk of losing the 2016 Democratic primary to well-known “Native American” Elizabeth Warren, the far-left senator from Massachusetts.

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