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Friday, Aug 01, 2014
Judge: Schools can ban guns from dormatories
Last year, a group of protesters expressed their support for allowing University of South Florida students to carry concealed, legally registered weapons on campus.
Universities are justified in banning guns in residence halls, a judge has ruled in a case that challenged the University of Florida's policy.
Drax, played by Dave Bautista, is a muscular, knife-wielding, tattoo-covered green alien seeking revenge for his family's deaths.
Tampa wrestler has firm grasp on movie role
For Bucs and Brooks, 4-22-95 changed history
Shoppers were out in the Westshore Plaza mall for the tax-free back-to-school shopping spree on Friday. ANDY JONES/STAFF
Tax holiday good on more expensive electronics


Jackson: Granting rite of passage its right of way

Tom Jackson The heir apparent turned 15 in April meaning, among other things, he has attained the age at which the State of Florida assumes he is capable of learning to drive. Not for the first time, I am inclined to think the State of Florida is out of its sunshine-soaked mind.

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