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Thursday, Mar 05, 2015
Dog, shot twice and tied to RR tracks, survives
Tampa police Sgt. R. Mills carries the wounded dog to a vehicle for a trip to an emergency vet.
Tampa police responding to a report of shots fired in Sulphur Springs made a gruesome discovery: A dog, shot twice, that was tied to the railroad tracks.
The Black Dagger Military Hunt Club will appear on the Sportsman Channel’s “Amazing America with Sarah Palin.”
 Photo provided the Sportsman Channel
Tampa veterans to be featured on Sarah Palin’s show
South Florida redshirt freshman forward Bo Zeigler scored a career-best 20 points and added 10 rebounds.
Bulls trample UCF 74-45
Shania Twain announced she will perform 48 shows during her summer tour.
Shania Twain to launch final tour in June
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Paula Dockery: What was remarkable about Scott’s State of the State? What he didn’t say

Paula Dockery The legislative session is officially underway, and the opening day was filled with the customary pomp and circumstance. Legislators’ desks were filled with flowers, dignitaries were present, prayers were offered, patriotic songs were sung, and the Senate president and speaker of the House presented their visions to their respective chambers.

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