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Saturday, Nov 17, 2018
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Pasco deputies arrest 21-year-old in deadly Hudson gunfight

HUDSON — A 21-year-old man was arrested on a murder charge Thursday night, according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, 24 hours after a drug deal turned into a deadly gunfight in an apartment complex parking lot.

Anthony Blount, of Hudson, faces charges of second-degree murder and attempted murder. He also suffered two gunshot wounds in the exchange of gunfire Wednesday that deputies said left one man dead and critically injured a woman.

The Sheriff’s Office did not say how badly wounded Blount was, how deputies found him or if they found the weapon used in the shooting.

The agency gave this account of the violence that took place just before 8 p.m. Wednesday:

Ariel Felder of Zephyrhills drove a white Nissan Altima into a parking lot at the Ridgestone Apartments complex at 12429 Little Road, just east of Beach Woods Village. She pulled up next to a red Dodge Durango sport-utility vehicle driven by Blount.

Deputies said two men, one of them Jamarques Codling of Dade City, got into the Durango. Soon they ran out of the Durango and got into the Altima, deputies said, which tried to back out.

Blount jumped out of the SUV with a handgun and fired at least 13 gunshots into the Altima, deputies said. Felder was struck in the head, and the Altima then crashed into an apartment building.

Codling then got out of the Altima and returned fire, deputies said, shooting at the Durango as Blount drove away. During the gunfight, deputies said, Colding was fatally wounded by gunfire.

Deputies did not say what transpired before the shooting started.

Felder was reported to be in critical condition. The second man who was in the Altima ran from the scene. Deputies are still trying to find him.

The Sheriff’s Office said part of the shooting was captured by surveillance cameras but did not release that video.

A large quantity of marijuana was found in the parking lot, deputies said, and cash was also found strewn around the crime scene.

Susan Begin, who has lived in the neighborhood for two years, said she didn’t hear or see the shooting but walked over Wednesday night to see what happened. She saw the Altima with its windows shot through, she said, and two people on the ground next to it.

"People were terrified," said Begin, 53. "There were pills and everything all over the parking lot. There was blood all on the parking lot."

Wendy Hargett had pulled into the parking lot about 10 minutes before Wednesday’s shooting, she said, and saw nothing amiss. About 45 minutes later, her son saw the aftermath and called her, frantic.

The violence didn’t fit with the quiet neighborhood she has lived in for a year, Hargett said, but the shooting made her think about leaving.

"My boyfriend just texted me, ‘We have to leave,’?" she said.

Standing by the ruts left by the Altima in front of the apartment, Begin said she wanted to see the scene in the morning light.

She pointed to dark patches in the grass and rust-colored flecks on a curb stop: "That’s all blood."

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