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Thursday, Aug 16, 2018
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That noise you hear from MacDill is low-flying A-10 Warthogs in training

TAMPA ó If you hear loud noises coming from MacDill Air Force Base over the next few days, donít be alarmed.

Itís the sound of flying hogs.

A squadron of A-10C Warthogs, beloved by troops in the field for their ability to swoop low and slow and tear apart enemy forces with its iconic 30mm auto-cannon, will conduct a two-week training exercise at MacDill starting Friday.

The 163rd Fighter Squadron, 122nd Fighter Wing and the Indiana Air National Guard will all take part in the exercise, which runs through Feb. 2 and will result in increased noise, MacDill officials said.

Air Force spokesman Christopher Myers would not say how many aircraft will be coming to MacDill, but he did say that about 100 crew members will be there.

The jets will be training to provide close air support to troops on the ground as well as combat rescue missions, Myers said.

The activity will take place over MacDill airspace, said Myers, adding that folks in the area might hear the famous loud "brrrrrt" sound of the Warthogsí guns.

"We are excited to have guys down here," Myers said. "It helps out considering the cold weather we have."

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