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Tuesday, Sep 18, 2018
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Florida teacher hosts white nationalist podcast, HuffPost reports

A 25-year old social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School has been hosting a white nationalist podcast under a pseudonym and "bragging about teaching her views in a public school," according to a report in HuffPost.

HuffPost reporters scoured social media posts and recordings of the "Unapologetic" podcast to dig into the views of Dayanna Volitich, or "Tiana Dalichov," who embraced anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and suggested that Muslims be wiped out.

In her Feb. 26 podcast, HuffPost found, Volitich boasted about keeping her ideology hidden from administrators while bringing white nationalism into the classroom. She said parents had complained, but that she was able to lie to the school principal, who "believed me and backed off."

A representative for the Citrus County School District couldn’t confirm that "Dalichov" was Volitich but told HuffPost that the district will be checking for policy and ethics violations.

"She does not speak on behalf of the Citrus County School District," the spokesman told HuffPost.

Volitich agreed with a guest on the podcast who mocked school diversity, deriding the idea that "a kid from Nigeria and a kid who came from Sweden are supposed to learn exactly the same" and have the "same IQ."

According to HuffPost, Volitich also agreed that white supremacists need to infiltrate public schools.

"They don’t have to be vocal about their views, but get in there," the guest said. "Be more covert and just start taking over those places."

"Right," Volitich said. "I’m absolutely one of them."

Shortly after HuffPost asked the district about Volitich, "Tiana Dalichov" tweeted that she might be going quiet, then set her account to private and deleted her podcast archives. Now, the Twitter account has been deleted altogether. Its profile picture mirrored Volitich’s school staff photo.

HuffPost secured screenshots. It also found that "Dalichov" listed her home as Crystal City, which matches Volitich’s home in public records. "Dalichov" once tweeted that she was 25. So is Volitich.

"Many white supremacists across America today lead double lives, advocating loudly and anonymously for white supremacy and fascism online while holding down respectable jobs and doing their best to keep their online lives hidden," HuffPost reporters wrote. "But over the past year, some of them have been exposed."

To read more, and listen to part of Volitich’s podcast, head to HuffPost.

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