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Saturday, Oct 20, 2018
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Sileo suspended from Miami station over Erin Andrews remarks

Based on his series of sexist-laced tweets last week, Dan Sileo is no fan of Fox Sports sideline reporter Erin Andrews. Apparently Andrews' eight years at ESPN and a telecommunications degree from the the University of Florida don't qualify her to be on a national stage, according to Sileo. But he apparently believes being filmed naked through a hotel peephole doesn't hurt. The former shock jock at Tampa's WDAE (620 AM) let his feelings be known in the Twitter tirade, which earned him a two-day suspension from his current gig at Miami's WQAM-AM.
Most egregious of those posts might be a reference to the 2008 incident in which a stalker secretly recorded a video of Andrews in her hotel room. Sileo tweeted to Andrews: "pepe hole best thing for ur career," a comment he later backed off from. But he also referred to Andrews a as "bimbo," told her to "make me dinner" and bake me a cake" and added, "love Erin either naked or in a porn..not at a sports desk." Sileo moved to Miami after he was fired as WDAE's morning host in March, when he after referred to three black NFL free agents as "monkeys." He was also suspended in 2009 by WDAE's parent company, Clear Channel Inc., for erroneously stating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' owners lost millions in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. The station retracted the report. Sileo wrote that he was referring all inquiries about the incident to his station, but did not seem thwarted by the suspension, writing to others that it "won't change me" and that he did not take Twitter "serious." He began spewing about Andrews while criticizing the media's reporting of the Manti Te'o hoax, in which the Notre Dame linebacker said a faux girlfriend's cancer death motivated his play. "Media is funny on HOW the TEO story was so NOT covered right by the media..well when BIMBOs like Erin Andrews are covering CF (college football)..ur WELCOME," he wrote. That brought a response from Andrews, who left ESPN last year to be a sideline reporter and studio host at Fox. "So funny..bc (because) I never worked a ND (Notre Dame)..not sure how I could've covered it..blame it on someone else," she tweeted. Sileo's response: "No I'm very sure u would have been all over the story.. ESPN and u are all about journalism .. right." Andrews: "I work for Fox..but you're all over that too."
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