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Sunday, Dec 16, 2018
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TLC’s ‘Buying Naked,’ shot in Pasco County, premieres tonight

There are special considerations that go into shopping for a home when you’re a nudist.

“The nice thing about this fireplace is it’s a gas fire, so I don’t have to worry about hot coals flying out and burning my naked butt,” one prospective buyer tells realtor Jackie Youngblood as he tours a house in the buff.

Meanwhile his wife was finding a lot to like in the kitchen, where sharp corners on countertops and the heights of stove burners can pose special hazards for the unclothed.

“Bacon grease gets to places, and it burns,” she says looking into the camera.

These are the lessons of “Buying Naked” a new, real estate reality series on TLC, shot in the clothing-optional communities Pasco County has become known for. Pasco County is home to about a dozen such communities including Caliente, Lake Como and Paradise Lakes.

A two-part special with the same title premiered on TLC in 2013, but tonight’s 10 p.m. premiere kicks off the first, full, eight-episode season for the show.

It follows the experienced realtor Youngblood and a young agent recruit named Alex who’s learning the ropes. They’re fully clothed. The clients are not.

Youngblood teaches Alex the “rules,” things such as “nudists greet with a handshake, hugging is not recommended,” and “always make eye contact, ” while viewers get an inside look at the clothing-optional culture.

The show is careful about what it reveals. Bare behinds are OK (a one-minute preview features dozens of them in various states of leafblowing, skateboarding, grilling steaks and other everyday activities), but the clients fronts are obscured by a ridiculous number of hilarious items including patio lanterns, cocktail shakers, bunches of bananas and potted plants.

Jim Sweasy, owner of The Woods RV Resort in Land O’ Lakes will appear on the show this season. He said the show was shooting there part time for about four months starting in January.

The producers are throwing an invitation-only watch party at the upscale RV park for about 70 people.

“It’s done very tasteful. They’re going to show a part of the nudist lifestyle that the average person doesn’t see or think about,” said Sweasy, who appears nude during a later episode this season. “People have this idea in their heads of the old nudist camps, but I think as they watch this show it’s going to open their eyes ... The average RV lot here costs $150,000 and up, and people are traveling here in million dollar coaches.”

In the premiere, Jackie brings together the “textiles” or “clothed conservatives” of the Pasco County real estate industry and the nudists of the community for a “very hands-on networking event,” according to a preview on the TLC website.

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