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Tuesday, Apr 23, 2019
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Volunteers still needed for massive national YMCA gymnastics event

With more than 6,000 parents, friends, and gymnasts descending on the Bob Sierra YMCA in little more than a month, there is a desperate need for more volunteers.

The YMCA is co-hosting with the Sarasota YMCA the YMCA Gymnastics Championships on July 3-5, and it’s been a long, arduous run to get everything in top shape, including a new gymnastics-only facility at the Bob Sierra facility. But there’s a lot of work still be to done, and time is running out.

Bob Sierra Director Michelle Sussman said volunteers are desperately needed. Fourteen different types of volunteers are needed and Sussman said the YMCA still needs at least 250 volunteers to make the event work. In total, he said, more than 1,500 will be needed. It will be held at the Tampa Convention Center.

“We need a lot of volunteers really quick right now,” Sussman said. “It’s going to be a great event, but we really need volunteers.”

Sussman said there are no limits as to what a volunteer can contribute to the efforts.

“Everything is going great,” Sussman said. “We’ll just need the volunteers to make this a great event.”

The gymnastics facility is close to groundbreaking ceremonies. It cost about $450,000 and the event will be a big boost to getting the facility built.

This is the first time the national event will be held in the Tampa Bay area and more than 25 states will be represented by over 450 YMCAs. The event is expected to earn at least $4.5 million for the Tampa Bay community.

An Olympic-style opening ceremony will be held on July 2 at 4 p.m. at Raymond James Stadium with a “Treasures Discovered” pirate theme.

Interested volunteers can contact the Bob Sierra YMCA at (813) 892-5580.

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