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Monday, Oct 22, 2018
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Dirk Koetter, not Jameis Winston, has to make the call

“Touchdown” Tom Jones, the best Bucs columnist in town, htook it to the house Tuesday when he wrote that Jameis Winston should do the right thing and take a seat if he’s not perfectly healthy to play at Buffalo.

But that’s where Dirk Koetter comes in.

Because Jameis will want to play. That’s what he does. He has never missed an NFL start in three seasons. He wants to run through walls to win. He will do anything to get on the field.

And that’s where Koetter comes in.

He needs to be the wall if need be, immovable.

He must talk to the medical staff and look in Winston’s eyes and make the call. It might be over Winston’s protests if he decides his quarterback can’t go. But this isn’t Winston’s call.

It hasn’t been a good couple of weeks for the Bucs head coach. He had a lousy game against New England. He didn’t have his team ready in Arizona. But this is the most important coaching he’ll do all season.

This is where the coach has to listen to his head and not Winston’s heart, no matter what the quarterback says. If there’s any doubt, you sit Jameis. Ryan Fitzpatrick plays.

It’s the biggest decision of the season, and can’t be Jameis Winston’s decision. It belongs to Koetter.


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