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Saturday, Aug 18, 2018
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Ex-Bucs QB Jeff Garcia doesn’t care about NFL draft: ‘I have a life’

So much of the attention Monday surrounding the Bucs' announcing who'd be announcing their late-round draft picks was, of course, that a parrot would be delivering the name of the fourth-round pick to the pirate ship at Raymond James Stadium.

But late Monday, former Bucs quarterback Jeff Garcia — the last passer to lead the Bucs into the playoffs, in 2007 — announced he would be announcing their third-round pick on Friday night.

The only catch is that the Bucs don't have a third-round pick, having traded theirs to the Giants to get defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. In passing along his news, we mentioned this, pointing out that if the Bucs do pick up a third as part of a trade, Garcia would get to announce it.

For whatever reason, that didn't sit well with Garcia.

"Whatever the pick is, I'll be announcing one," Garcia wrote. "Don't turn this into some clown show dude. I could care less about who they pick nor do I pay attention as to what picks they have or don't have. I have a life."

Ah. As someone responded on Twitter, "Why have someone doing it who obviously doesn't care one bit?"

Garcia, 48, had two great seasons with the Bucs — he went 14-10 as  a starter, went to a Pro Bowl, finished with 25 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in Tampa Bay and retired after one year with the Eagles in 2009.

Garcia was back on Twitter on Tuesday morning, apologizing for the tweet and saying he hadn't been told the Bucs didn't have a third-round pick.

"My bad @Buccaneers fans … I wouldn't have said it was an honor if it wasn't but I would have liked to have been informed that they didn't have a 3rd before I tweeted it," he wrote. "(Just) was a bit of embarrassment. Loved my time in Tampa & the fans."

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