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Friday, Aug 17, 2018
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Was Jon Bon Jovi ever really lonely? Maybe back in ’84

Our '80s historian Kevin Wuench says congratulations to Bon Jovi on getting into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and provides this history lesson:

Do we pander to Bon Jovi fans to get more Lost and Found clicks on the website? Surely not, as even a mega-famous band like Bon Jovi has lesser-known videos like Only Lonely.

In 1984, Bon Jovi burst on the scene with their first hit Runaway, but it took several more years and several albums before Bon Jovi became superstars with Slippery When Wet. Their third single of their debut album was Only Lonely and the song only reached No. 49 on the singles chart.

The video for Only Lonely starts off with a side story of a gorgeous Jon Bon Jovi facing unknown turmoil (manager problems, relationship issues, threats of gang violence?) that can only be reconciled by rock 'n' roll dreams. If you think I'm mocking the song and the video – I'm not. I give props to Bon Jovi and their loyal fans as Bon Jovi made it to the top by simply outworking every other band on stage.

Bon Jovi will be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 14 after winning the fan vote by a good majority.


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