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Monday, Oct 22, 2018
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Billy Bragg kept it simple with ‘Levi Stubbs Tears’

One last history lesson this week from columnist Kevin Wuench:

Next week, English troubadour Billy Bragg turns 60 years old. While we pay tribute to Billy Bragg, he in turn will pay tribute to a great Motown singer with Levi Stubbs Tears.

Billy Bragg will never be confused with a pop star as the activist/musician has been releasing music since 1983 with protest songs like A New England and was a steady presence on the charts despite railing against the system. In 1986, the single Levi Stubbs Tears was a U.K. Top 40 hit and the simple video shows off Bragg's talents needing only a guitar, his voice and a trumpet player to make a moving piece of music.

Levi Stubbs Tears is about a woman who has a lot of bad things going on her life (poverty, an accident, abuse and abandonment) but is comforted by the music of the Four Tops and songs written by the song-writing team of Holland, Holland & Dozier.

In the U.S., Bragg had his greatest success in 1991 when his song Sexuality made it to No. 2 on the Modern Rock Charts.


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