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Monday, Jan 21, 2019
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Hooper: Fifty stories seems a bit too much for downtown St. Pete
The Red Apple Group plans for a soaring tower in 400 block of Central Avenue, but what about some green space?
Published: 01/20/19
Updated: 01/21/19
Carlton: So far, DeSantis is Gov. Not Scott
In a surprising debut, the new governor is following the will of the people and championing the environment. Who IS this guy?
Published on 01/20/19
Spanish translations? Decipher ancient Ottoman? Tampa's Sean Hopwood will translate anything
Sean Hopwood's interest in languages turned into the type of small business that underpins our economy.
Published on 01/18/19
Thriving in the age of change requires a community of lifelong learners
Imagine for a moment a community where great discoveries are not only frequently made, but where scholars, businessmen, scientists, physicians, philosophers, educators, mathematicians, artists and historians all work togeth...
Published on 01/18/19
Early College programs can help Florida build on its education success
For far too many of our students - particularly low-income students and students from other underrepresented populations - high school is the end of the line academically.
Published on 01/18/19
Selected readings from the left and from the right
Here's some interesting commentary from the opposite poles of the political spectrum.
Published on 01/18/19
Goodman: DeSantis and other governors are the real leaders
While Washington is partially shut down and gridlocked, governors in Florida and other states are optimistic and taking action
Published on 01/18/19
Editorial: Three mayors united for Tampa Bay
Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman and Clearwater Mayor George Cretekos built strong ties.
Published on 01/18/19
Editorial: Another child dead, another state failure
A 2-year-old's death in Pinellas County reflects failures the state's child welfare system has repeated for decades. Can it be fixed?
Published on 01/18/19
Editorial: King holiday evolves into day of service
Americans are honoring his legacy around Tampa Bay and elsewhere by volunteering and breaking down barriers.
Published on 01/18/19
Editorial: Milestone in the long cancer fight
Deaths from cancer are in decline over the last 25 years.
Published on 01/18/19
Carlton: Ban butts from our beaches? Sorry, smokers did it to themselves
Pity the poor smoker, welcome fewer public places than dogs these days. Now lawmakers consider banning their noxious butts from our beaches. Sorry, smokers, your time is up.
Published on 01/17/19
Robinson: Pelosi seizes initiative in trench warfare with Trump
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's play was a stiletto-sharp reminder of how much power she wields - and an illustration of how deftly she is wielding it.
Published on 01/17/19
Editorial: DeSantis leads on medical marijuana
The governor calls for an end to needless barriers to access and for allowing patients to use smokable marijuana.
Published on 01/17/19
Carlton: Just when the race to replace Bob Buckhorn is getting interesting, a Greco jumps in
The police chief, the politicians, that rich guy, the transportation wonk and the long shots: Just as the Tampa mayor's race heats up, a Greco takes the plunge.
Published on 01/16/19