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Monday, Mar 25, 2019
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Slipping the constitutional leash by declaring federal war on vices
In May 1918, with America embroiled in the First World War, Iowa’s Gov. William Lloyd Harding dealt a blow against Germany. His Babel Proclamation — that was its title; you cannot make this stuff up — decreed: “Conversation...
Published on 06/16/13
Graham: Without immigration, GOP to fail in 2016
Republicans are “in a demographic death spiral” and will fail in their effort to win the presidency if the party blocks an immigration overhaul, a leading GOP senator said Sunday.
Published on 06/16/13
Poisoning patriotism
A number of libertarians and conservative populists have found data collection by the National Security Agency to be the final confirmation of their worst fears about Barack Obama and modern government. It is an attempt, ac...
Published on 06/16/13
Coming American oil boom bad news for Saudis
Current trends in the global energy market don’t look good for Saudi Arabia. First, the International Energy Agency projected in November that the United States will surpass the Gulf petro giant as the world’s top energy p...
Published on 06/03/13
Holder’s signature: incompetence
So, Attorney General Eric Holder approved a search warrant targeting Fox News’ James Rosen for the crime of journalism with malice aforethought. Then the Justice Department shopped around for a judge who would keep the surv...
Published on 06/02/13
Scott among GOP governors battling own party on healthcare
It's Republican vs. Republican in the latest round of political battles over health care.
Published on 06/01/13
Oval Office is no classroom
No doubt: Barack Obama has what it takes to be a terrific law student. It’s less clear those are the ingredients of a successful president.
Published on 05/31/13
Surrogacy exposed
Women’s reproductive rights have enjoyed a half-century or so of well-defined proponents and opponents, but the recently flourishing fertility industry, from egg harvesting to surrogacy, has produced fresh and surprising al...
Published on 05/29/13
The other IRS scandal
Let us stipulate that now might not be the best time — with IRS officials exposed for abusing power, caught in self-serving deceptions, invoking their constitutional right against self-incrimination — to dramatically expand...
Published on 05/26/13
The baseless fears of Common Core
Modern conservatism comes in two distinct architectural styles. The first seeks to build from scratch, using accurate ideological levels and plumb lines, so every wall is straight and every corner squared. The goal of polit...
Published on 05/24/13
Forgetting Watergate’s lesson
“He has, acting personally and through his subordinates and agents, endeavored to ... cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or con...
Published on 05/17/13
Treasury officials told of IRS probe in June 2012
Senior Treasury officials were made aware in June 2012 that investigators were looking into complaints from tea party groups that they were being harassed by the Internal Revenue Service, a Treasury inspector general said F...
Published on 05/17/13
Unemployment falls in 40 states, rises in three
Solid hiring helped lower unemployment rates in 40 U.S. states last month, the most since November. The declines show the job market is improving throughout most of the country.
Published on 05/17/13
The IRS needs an audit
Suppose the Environmental Protection Agency were to admit offhandedly that the fluoridation of water had only modest communist mind-control effects. Or the United Nations were to concede it has been running fleets of black ...
Published on 05/15/13