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Sunday, Apr 20, 2014
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Sun City Center author helps readers deepen their faith through books


SUN CITY CENTER – Sun City Center resident Thurman Faison, 76, has enjoyed a number of vocations throughout his life, including careers as a pastor, television minister, financial adviser and college admissions counselor. But perhaps the most satisfying has been one he embarked on just four years ago when he wrote his first book.

Faison said he had no intention of pursuing another occupation when he retired to Sun City Center five years ago.

“I had begun to write poetry, but it never occurred to me to write a book,” he said.

That changed when he visited an author friend.

“I was curious about the process of publishing a book and subsequently discovered Amazon and the opportunities it provided for authors with (its) various resources and the option to print on demand,” he said.

So Faison decided to try his hand at writing a book of his own.

“I’ve done so many different things in my life,” he said. “But ministering has always been my love and I had a great desire to share spiritual truths that are often overlooked.”

Faith has always been an integral part of Faison’s life.

Born in Texas and raised in California, he obtained his bachelor’s degree from North Central Bible College in Minneapolis and a master’s degree from National Louis University in Evanston, Ill.

He then spent years sharing the Scriptures from the pulpit as a pastor and on the air as a television minister with WCSC Channel 38 in Chicago for nearly 10 years.

Determined to share his thoughts on spirituality through the written word, Faison began writing in his home office, at the SouthShore Regional Library in Ruskin and at the vacation home in Jamaica he and his wife, Connie, share.

It wasn’t long before he had enough material to publish his first book, “To the Spiritually Inclined,” through

To Faison’s surprise, the book was an immediate hit with readers, garnering reviews with 4.9 stars out of 5.

“The book seemed to resonate with a lot of people,” said Faison.

Among those inspired by Faison’s words was Maiysha Clairborne, M.D., of Atlanta.

“His (Faison’s) tone is matter of fact but not preachy or condescending,” said Clairborne in a review of the book on “It became clear during my read that I was being taken on a journey from religiosity to spirituality, and I very much appreciated the presentation. This is a very informative book for both the seeker and the seasoned Christian who wants a deeper meaning to their faith.”

The book also received high marks from a fellow minister, the Rev. Aaron Moore of Tampa.

“It is a book for the times we live in, as many are searching and asking the question of religion, ‘Is that all there is?’” said Moore. “Thurman’s book can prove to be a valuable companion to you on your spiritual quest and spiritual journey.”

Heartened by the response, Faison authored a second book, “Be Spiritually Bold,” with equally enthusiastic reviews.

Faison is now at work on his third book, “Man: A Spiritual Perspective,” which he hopes to publish in the first part of February.

He said his books are directed toward a broad, nonsectarian audience looking for inspiration or encouragement.

“Basically, going back to the first book, I discuss the fact that life is a journey with so much to see and do and learn,” said Faison. “We’re enriched by every newfound joy and pleasure. Our purpose is to live life to the fullest. Whatever direction our lives are going in, God wants us to enjoy the life He has given us.”

He said his goal is to get people to look more deeply within their spirituality to enhance their journey.

“Everybody has a different experience in their relationship with God,” he said. “I want to inspire, enlighten and encourage whoever the believer may be to reach for a deeper awareness of his or her relationship with God.”

Although he has spent many years studying the Scriptures and incorporates Scripture in his books, Faison said he doesn’t preach at people.

“It’s more a matter of sharing with people thoughts in my heart that may enhance their lives,” said Faison. “If I can help just one person strengthen their faith and grow closer to God, then I’ve achieved success.”

Faison’s books are available in paperback or Kindle editions at and through Faison’s website,

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