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Thursday, Jul 10, 2014
The Sun

2013 is a wrap, the new year is here


So here we are again, starting facing a brand spanking new year. The ripped wrapping paper from Christmas and Hanukkah has been hauled to the curb. New presents have been used and played with, and some of us have already started to take down the lights and pack up the wreath for next year.

The rush of the holidays is over. No more commando shopping expeditions or marathon cooking events. You don’t even hear carols on the radio anymore.

This is a transition week from the hurly-burly craziness that is the holiday season to the blank slate of opportunity and promise that is the new year. It’s a week of finishing up 2013 and preparing for 2014.

The check register for last year has been balanced and put away, until such time as the IRS says it’s OK to shred to confetti. The budget for 2014 is typed and ready to go until the first unexpected breakdown of a household appliance puts a ding in it.

I’ve had a facial, sinfully decadent foot massage, my hair permed and cut, and the nails of my hands and feet done to perfection.

The refrigerator has been cleared of food that was walking around or teaching its young. I’m cleaning like only a person with obsessive compulsive disorder can do. I even bought a new set of bed linens.

There’s something about the cleanliness and purity of a new year that is seductive. We haven’t made any mistakes yet or broken any promises. We’ve not shattered any expectations or broken any hearts. There’s a feeling we can finally do this year all of the things we said we would do last year, before life reminded us there are always surprises out there.

I’m as ready to enter this pristine new year as I ever could be. I’m excited and energized.

I’m sure it won’t stay pristine for long. I’ll break a nail or miss a deadline at the chamber. I’ll hit “save” a little too late and lose a document. I’ll get lazy and not exercise. Life isn’t perfect.

But life is still a constant source of joy and opportunity. So balance your books, get a haircut and get ready to take on 2014. Happy New Year to you all!

Dana Dittmar is the executive director of the Sun City Center Area Chamber of Commerce.