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Sunday, May 24, 2015


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Published:   |   Updated: May 20, 2013 at 10:22 PM

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Derby Lane


1st - Gr. D 660 Yds

1 Hi Noon Halo5 Bob's Estelle2 Respectability6 Rj's Gracie A3 M's Angle7 Bbr Gettinroundu4 Kiowa Lets Go8 Ws's Kent 2nd - Gr. M 550 Yds

1 Uss Race Rocket5 Hardworkinwomn2 Bbr Meno Jet6 Cjc's Jabber3 Oregon Rose7 Deco Redd Lady4 Isle Of Skye8 Winter Romance 3rd - Gr. B 550 Yds

1 Whispering Water5 Jack's Gladiator2 Ww Deana Bits6 Greta's Cleopat3 Greys Nightfever7 Uss San Angelo4 Kiowa Ak Kieffer8 El Anisette 4th - Gr. M 550 Yds

1 Mulberry Broyles5 Tempo Vindicator2 Bbr Rendered6 Odd Jan3 Ain't Settlin7 Blind By Thirst4 Glint Of Gold8 Uss Race Pocono 5th - Gr. D 550 Yds

1 Heather Glen5 Jawa Prince L2 Winter Fire6 Johnny Freedom3 Ww's Greenmint7 Ubet Wisconsin4 El Moonshine8 Rj's Gentle Boy 6th - Gr. A 550 Yds

1 Onyx Walker5 Ww's Queen2 Flying Kiska6 Dixieland Cindy3 Craigie May7 Lamorge Mars4 Echo Summit8 Barts Trolleycar 7th - Gr. D 550 Yds

1 Greys Bricklayer5 Royal Lass2 Dd's Olva6 Silver Fang3 Tk Beretta7 Ch Xtreme Racer4 Evening Blossom8 Dynamite Density 8th - Gr. B 550 Yds

1 Ptl Beau5 Jl's Johnnys Boy2 Flying Mr. Sir6 Hallo Star Wager3 Pro Jack7 Bulls Win4 Silver Rumor8 Go Bon Alibi 9th - Gr. C 550 Yds

1 Tmc's Jinx5 Sanibel Gold2 M's Sweet Finn6 Has Wheels3 Bow Onemretime7 Pat Boone4 Backwood Nan8 Kelsos Devil Era 10th - Gr. A 550 Yds

1 Flyin Home Depot5 Kiowa More Bc2 Jack's Jet6 Backwood Cruisr3 Ww's Snowcone7 Chacha Susan4 Kelsos Scotsclan8 Silver Monday 11th - Gr. D 550 Yds

1 Uss Race Night5 Coed Design2 Dancin Maddox6 Kb's Flat Spin3 Photographic7 Imperial Cruz4 Tnj Snow Cone8 Ww's Edmund 12th - Gr. B 550 Yds

1 Backwood Lectre5 Shotgun Charlie2 M's Westpoint6 Designer Style3 Kb's Silver Foot7 Lk Aramis4 Ask The Umpire8 Wheatland Joy 13th - Gr. D 550 Yds

1 Speed Chick5 Hallo Warp Speed2 Ws's Palmolive6 Mesa Erika3 Mulberry Malclm7 Jack's Shadow4 Coconut Jig8 Logan's Journey 14th - Gr. C 550 Yds

1 Betsy B Racin5 M's Tony2 Chuck's Love6 Lostlands Bonnie3 Tmc's Flash Back7 Forest Frances4 Dd's Rose Moss8 Kay Flycatcher

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