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Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014

Sullivan has unique view of special year

Tribune staff

Whatís it like to catch for Tyler Danish?

Durant freshman Jacob Sullivan has quite a task catching Danish, one of the top pitchers in the country who has yet to allow an earned run this season. Sullivan, who is batting .305 with 29 hits, talked about being Durantís catcher on the eve of playing in the state tournament.

ďI caught a few bullpens for him before I actually got in the game with him. The first time I caught him in the bullpen, I was really scared. But when I got in the game, I knew I had already done this before and I was more relaxed. Itís actually really fun. Itís not every day you get to catch for a top prospect throwing 94 (mph).Ē

Catching Danish has done a lot for Sullivanís confidence.

ďI learned I can do more things than I think I can. Didnít think Iíd be catching Tyler Danish at this point at the end of the season, but I guess I am.Ē

Does Sullivan ever give Danish advice?

ďSometimes if maybe he throws two balls in a row, Iíll go out there and talk to him and say, ĎHey, just settle down and throw some strikes,í and after that itís just perfect.Ē