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Sunday, May 24, 2015

East-West All Star Football Game Rosters

TBO.com Staff
Published:   |   Updated: May 20, 2013 at 11:41 PM

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Under Armour Hillsborough County High School Football All Star Game
Raymond James Stadium, Saturday, 7:30 p.m.

Open to senior football players who were nominated and selected by the Hillsborough County football coaches. Players on teams still alive in the playoffs were not eligible for selection.


No., Name, School, Pos.
1, Andrew Burdick, Lennard, QB
2, D.D. Johnson, TBT, DB
3, Marquise Mulkey, TBT, DB
4, Deandre Bowers, Brandon, DB
5, Chaz Burrows, East Bay, RB
6, Andrew Clifford, Wharton, QB
7, Duran Lowe, Plant City, DB
11, Angel Rodriguez, TBT, QB
12, Jairus Jones, Wharton, RB
14, Ryan Rice, Durant, RB
15, Eric Lampe, Riverview, RB
16, Dominique Lee, Brandon, RB
21, Micah Lewis, Cambridge, RB
23, Kyle Copack, Newsome, QB
24, Chris Curran, Bloomingdale, LB
28, Ryan Campbell, Cambridge, DB
30, Sherrod Cunningham, Freedom, RB
32, Brian Vazquez, Bloomingdale, DB
40, Taylor Dunbar, Bloomingdale, LB
50, Trent Cornwell, Newsome, LB
51, Darrell Hernandez, Spoto, LB
52, Devin Ray, Riverview, LB
53, Shane Cyrus, East Bay, LB
55, Denzel Drone, Plant City, DL
60, Brandon Jenkins, Spoto, LB
61, Chaz Austin, Brandon, OL
62, Colton Bridges, Durant, DL
63, Sergio Robinson, Spoto, DL
64, Frank Marin, Newsome, DL
65, Ben Harrison, Brandon, OL
66, Conor O'Neal, Newsome, DL
67, Eddie Rosenbaum, Plant City, OL
70, Coril Joseph, Freedom, DL
71, Carl Saunders, Freedom, OL
72, Ryan Gascon, Riverview, OL
73, Hunter Stout, Wharton, OL
74, Jake Anaya, East Bay, OL
75, Markiel Floyd, TBT, OL
76, Soloman Partin, Bloomingdale, OL
77, Cole Gilliam, Durant, OL
80, R. J. Allen, East Bay, WR
81, Bud McQueen, Durant, WR
82, Blake Kennedy, Lennard, WR
83, Mark Cionci, Freedom, WR
84, Alex Byers, Spoto, WR

Coach: Kenneth Hiscock
Assistants: Dale Caparaso, Jason Stokes, Kevin Sharpe, Jeff Turner, John Lima, Tony West, Jason McCarty.


No., Name, School, Pos.
1, Phillip Jones, Middleton, DB
2, Jerod Brisbon, Hillsborough, LB
3, Rodney Pugh, King, RB
4, Jermaine Chin, Blake, DB
5, Adolfo Navarro, Leto, TE
6, Evan Colborne, Hillsborough, K
7, Mark Winters, Jefferson, RB
11, Edward Williams,Alsono, WR
12, A.J. Phillips, Robinson, QB
14, Cullen O'Brien, Sickles, QB
15, Jordan Crockett, Berkeley, DB
16, Travis Buie, Middleton, DB
21, Antwoun Howard, Leto, WR
23, Kyle Holloman, Jefferson, DB
24, Kenny Spain, Jefferson, DB
28, Yemi Oyegunle, Gaither, WR
30, Julian Crockett, Berkeley, RB
32, Donovan Celerin, King, RB
40, P.J. Hobson, Jesuit, LB
50, Xander Morehouse, Sickles, OL
51, Jacob Tackenberg, Jefferson, OL
52, Victor Bynum, Hillsborough, LB
53, Demetrius Delvin, Blake, LB
55, Luis Herrera, Leto, LB
60, Antonio Quintana, Alonso, LB
61, Demonte McAllister, Alonso, DL
62, Kenneth McAllister, Leto, DL
63, Taylor Drane, Sickles, OL
64, Adrian Fredrick, King, DL
65, Mike Newman, Robinson, OL
66, Matt Childs, Gaither, OL
67, Gerold Dickens, Blake, OL
70, Eddie Rivera, Alonso, OL
71, Justin Taylor, Jesuit, DL
72, Darren Baker, Hillsborough, OL
73, Jeremy Green, Blake, DL
74, Cody Durakovic, Sickles, DL
75, Jarrod Gant, Jefferson, OL
76, Sean Desmond, Jesuit, OL
77, Andreal Coleman, Middleton, DL
80, Colby Walden, Hillsborough, WR
81, Mike Hawthorne, Robinson, WR
82, LaVaughn Ford, Middleton, D
83, George Daines, Gaither, LB
84, Montrey Pride, Blake, TE

Coach: Hugh Dehnert
Assistants: Pat O'Brien, Frank Rose, Chuck Cotton, Josh Weber, Kevin Diez, Ben Gretzenzer, Sean Washington, Earl Garcia Jr., Neil Morehouse.

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