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Saturday, May 30, 2015


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Published:   |   Updated: March 22, 2013 at 12:35 PM

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Derby Lane


1st - Gr. C 550 Yds

1 On To Mazatlan5 Hays Casanova2 Dl's Sweetpea6 Tmc's Willing To3 Taylor Swift7 M's Bruce4 Betsyslilstinger8 Trophy Collector 2nd - Gr. M 550 Yds

1 Rio Ruby5 Hallo Yanky Acre2 Famous Footstps6 Dewey Big Iron3 Track Phenom7 Mika Allen4 Backwd Aretha8 Marilyn D 3rd - Gr. B 550 Yds

1 Jetting Angel5 Hallo Kinda Cute2 Sav's Ichabod6 Lamorge General3 Rainingonsunday7 Ww's Fox Hunter4 Law's Titan8 M's Morgan 4th - Gr. M 550 Yds

1 Soccer Phenom5 Backwood Etta2 Flying Cowell6 Happy Al3 Knock Out7 Ll's Duchess4 Rooftop Photo8 Killerinthesun 5th - Gr. D 550 Yds

1 Powders Pretty5 Ww Gale Latin2 Jawa Calla6 Speedy Special3 Craigie Some Cry7 Solitary Spoiled4 Dark Vintage8 Kentucky Jude 6th - Gr. A 550 Yds

1 Tmc's Heartthrob5 Uss Race Rocket2 Flying Barzini6 Silver Rumor3 Jack's Rocket7 Lamorge Streaker4 Ww Gale Port8 Pj's Iwantitall 7th - Gr. D 550 Yds

1 Visions N Dreams5 Kb's Star Struck2 Aloha Baby6 Kiowa Rf Pretty3 Kelsos Spiteful7 Hallo Big Shoot4 Kaias War Cry8 Winter Event 8th - Gr. C 550 Yds

1 Jack's Cupid5 Jawa Move In2 Hi Noon Da Vinci6 J's B Golden3 Tapco Habanero7 King Tarik4 Nitro Tara8 Ww's Wild Fire 9th - Gr. D 550 Yds

1 Sanibel Gold5 Greta's Winstar2 Jack's Sammy6 Shannondacnnon3 Kiowa Hy Helen7 My Girl Baby4 Deco Deboe8 Akr Saint Lazaro 10th - Gr. A 550 Yds

1 Flying Eufaula5 Lamorge Aces Up2 Kiowa Northpole6 Silver Geico3 Kaias Sequoyah7 Barts Topnotch4 Hi Noon Havoc8 M's Sweet Ethan 11th - Gr. D 550 Yds

1 Glint Of Gold5 Kelsos Corncrake2 Go Bon Dustinyou6 Black Top Ends3 Hallo Star Wager7 Don Jensen4 El Victorville8 Jawa Missy 12th - Gr. B 550 Yds

1 Silver Dealer5 Starz Accord2 Ww's South Pole6 Bobbye's Donjuan3 Victory King Me7 Craigie Afresh4 Flying Intern8 Funny Aidan 13th - Gr. D 550 Yds

1 Bob's Recluse5 Craigie Willcall2 Flying Seacrest6 Tmc's Stormy3 Group Singer*7 Dd's Olva4 M's Luckylouella8 Bb Black Tux 14th - Gr. C 550 Yds

1 Its Star Karin5 Ugo Lucy Anna2 Hamparsum6 El Peppermint3 Sr Boogie Man7 Kelsos Babycham4 Barts Outlaw Joe8 Red I Micro

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