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Saturday, Apr 19, 2014
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ira Kaufman’s NFL power rankings


Rk. Team: Comment

1. Seattle: Russell Wilson finally lost on his home field. That won’t happen again this season.

2. San Francisco: Heading into a potential desert storm against those pesky Cardinals.

3. Denver: Take a seat, Mr. Manning. You deserve a break before the real season begins.

4. Carolina: Luke Kuechly won’t let the NFC South title elude Panthers, who have won 10 of 11.

5. New England: Bill Belichick won’t win NFL Coach of the Year honors … but maybe he should.

6. Indianapolis: When the Colts are on their game, they can beat anyone.

7. Kansas City: Alex Smith on the road in a playoff game? Good luck.

8. Arizona: It would be a shame for them to win 11 games and sit home in January.

9. New Orleans: Next to unbeatable at home, rather ordinary on the road.

10. Cincinnati: Like the Saints, they play much bigger in front of the home crowd.

11. Philadelphia: Nick Foles has emerged as one of the NFL’s feel-good stories for 2013.

12. Dallas: Last chance at redemption for Monte Kiffin’s embattled defense.

13. San Diego: A sweep of the Chiefs could vault them into the postseason.

14. Baltimore: Winning at Cincinnati would be a heck of a statement.

15. Miami: In their moment of truth, they froze in Buffalo.

16. Chicago: This franchise isn’t supposed to give up 30 points per game.

17. Pittsburgh: Every time you think they’re out, they pull themselves back in.

18. Green Bay: Yes, they can secure the NFC North title with an eighth win.

19. St. Louis: Armed with that Redskins draft pick, the future looks bright.

20. Detroit: How did things go so wrong, so fast?

21. N.Y. Jets: Based purely on his record, Rex Ryan deserves to stay.

22. Buffalo: One of these years, things will turn. Don’t hold your breath.

23. Tennessee: For the past five years, the Titans haven’t had an identity.

24. N.Y. Giants: If Tom Coughlin leaves, it will be on his terms.

25. Atlanta: Matt Ryan and Roddy White are still pretty adept at playing catch.

26. Minnesota: Yielding the most points in the NFL has to be galling to Leslie Frazier.

27. Tampa Bay: It’s up to the guys in front of Mike Glennon to give him a chance.

28. Cleveland: Another year, another premium draft choice. Ho-hum.

29. Jacksonville: Considering what he had to work with, Gus Bradley did OK.

30. Oakland: Don’t dismiss the thought of a Jon Gruden return to Oakland out of hand.

31. Washington: From first to last in the NFC East in 16 easy steps.

32. Houston: Might as well close out this debacle in style at Nashville.