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Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014
Emanuel's critics scurry to find 2015 challenger
From White House to one-term Chicago mayor? Emanuel's critics searching for 2015 challenger
Published: 08/19/14
Democrat sees path to upset in Kansas Senate race
Democratic prosecutor hopes to escape Obama's shadow in US Senate race in GOP-leaning Kansas
Published: 08/17/14
Battle for obscure Nevada office all about 2016
Battle for Nevada lieutenant governor infused with intrigue about state's 2016 Senate race
Published: 08/14/14
Updated: 08/15/14
Group continues fight to put term limits on ballot
Group fights to put term limits on November ballot in argument to Illinois appeals court
Published: 08/14/14
Arizona congressional candidate says he has cancer
Arizona congressional candidate Adam Kwasman says he has a form of slow-growing blood cancer
Published: 08/14/14
Updated: 08/15/14
Upset in DesJarlais-Tracy race looking unlikely
Upset in DesJarlais-Tracy race looking increasingly unlikely as provisional ballots counted
Published: 08/12/14
7 in GOP fight to replace Latvala
Published: 08/09/14
Updated: 08/13/14
Schatz, Hanabusa Senate primary too close to call
Hawaii's Democratic primary race between Sen. Schatz and Rep. Hanabusa too close to call
Published: 08/10/14
State Sen. Stacey Campfield loses seat in primary
Controversial Republican state Sen. Stacey Campfield loses seat in primary
Published: 08/08/14
Published: 08/08/14