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Monday, Sep 22, 2014
NRA launches $1.3M ad buy for Cotton
NRA says it's launching $1.3M ad buy to promote Cotton in Arkansas Senate race
Published: 09/16/14
Democrat's claim in Kansas Senate race disputed
Affidavit from Kobach aide contradicts Democrat in legal fight over exiting Kansas Senate race
Published: 09/11/14
US Rep. Tierney concedes defeat in Dem primary
US Rep. Tierney concedes defeat in Massachusetts Democratic primary to ex-Marine Moulton
Published: 09/09/14
Updated: 09/10/14
Walker, Burke have clear contrasts on education
Walker and Burke offer starkly different visions for Wisconsin's major education policies
Published: 09/07/14
Is it time to let voters pick “none of the above”?
With thousands of voters skipping races on last month's primary ballot, some are privately wondering whether it's time to just put a “none of the above” option on Florida ballots.
Published: 09/06/14
Brownback, Davis disagree on taxes in first debate
Brownback and Davis disagree on health care, tax cuts during first Kansas governor debate
Published: 09/06/14
Democrat ends campaign in US Senate race in Kansas
Democratic challenger Taylor ends campaign in race against GOP US Sen. Roberts in Kansas
Published: 09/03/14
Updated: 09/04/14
Testimony: Rowland wanted payment outside campaign
Candidate testifies he rejected ex-governor's plan to be paid outside of political campaign
Published: 09/03/14
5 Things to know about the 2014 Utah election
Debates, television ads and more: 5 Things to know about the 2014 Utah election
Published: 09/01/14
5 things to know about Nevada's midterm elections
5 things to know about Nevada's midterm elections
Published: 09/01/14
Oklahoma education ills an issue in governor race
Fallin's election foe accuses her of flip-flopping after Oklahoma repeals school standards
Published: 09/01/14