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Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Friday’s letters:

Tax reformLosing sight of purpose of taxesOver the last 30 years we have lost sight of the true purpose of taxes, which is to raise money to pay for the government we collectively decide to have. This was evident in the recklessly limited debate over...
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Thursday’s letters: Bay area needs mass transit upgrades

TransportationWe need mass transit upgradesNow that the New Year is upon us, it is time to address a mass transit system in this area once and for all. The traffic will only get worse, impeding the quality of life and commerce.A good starting system ...
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Pasco letters to the editor for Dec. 29

Re: Does Holiday need a new name? | Dec. 15 columnName change won’t affect demographicsI found C.T. Bowen’s article on the name change very interesting. However, changing a name of this community will not change the demographics one wit.Also, hav...
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Wednesday’s letters: Trying to do better in the New Year

New Year’s wishesA pledge to do better in 2018Peace on Earth, goodwill to men is something we all try to do, especially this time of year.How hard is it? Try dealing with people who travel at high speeds on Brandon Boulevard (State Road 60), and thos...
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Tuesday’s letters: Remembering the wisdom of Washington

American democracyRecalling Washington’s wisdomIn his farewell address, George Washington was excited about his fledgling country and its bold experiment with democracy. He warned, however, that there were three things that could doom the progress of...
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Monday’s letters: Focus on student testing is misplaced

School standards pay off for Florida | Dec. 20, commentaryEmphasis on testing misplacedAfter 27 years of teaching in Florida public schools, I resigned last year and took a job overseas. Why? Because of the horrible changes that have occurred that...
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Sunday’s letters: America’s standing in world suffers

A war Trump won | Dec. 19, commentaryAmerica’s standing is in declineRoss Douthat’s article about the "victory" over ISIS misses a very important point. We may have won the battle, but our interests are losing the war, so to speak. The eliminatio...
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Saturday’s letters: Step toward better dental care

Dental careBills meet need for rural dentistsMore than 700,000 Floridians live in 30 rural counties, and 29 of these counties lack sufficient access to a dentist. This leaves those residents at risk of a variety of health conditions and related compl...
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Pasco letters to the editor for Dec. 22

County fails to protect communityOn Nov. 28, Pasco County approved Dr. James P. Gills Jr.’s Seven Diamonds 25-year limestone permit, even though multiple residents spoke about the impacts to their homes, deteriorating well water, and overwhelming dum...
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Friday’s letters: Trump wrong to question FBI’s integrity

Trump slams FBI leadership | Dec. 16A retired agent on FBI’s integrityI’m a retired FBI agent. I spent 22 years in the FBI, starting as a field agent and retiring as agent in charge of one of the FBI’s 56 field offices. In my travels, I met and w...
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