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Saturday, Feb 28, 2015


Editorial: Ease the school testing craze

To its credit, the Florida Senate is responding to the public’s complaints about the state’s school accountability mandates, and we hope the efforts result in needed reforms.
Updated: 20 hours ago

Editorial: A clear-eyed view of IS

In the two world wars of the 20th century, Americans and their allies figured out how to thwart the enemy’s ambitions, but, as usual, both conflicts were learning experiences for politicians and the military.
Published: 02/27/15

Editorial: Net neutrality another damaging government intrusion

The Federal Communications Commission today is virtually certain to apply a bureaucratic arm bar to the freewheeling Internet that will be painful for entrepreneurs and customers alike.
Published: 02/26/15

Editorial: Expanding support for children in need

Legislation that would increase education opportunities for special-needs children merits the support of lawmakers and Floridians.
Published: 02/25/15

Editorial: Scott right to abandon legal fight over flawed voter fraud effort

Gov. Rick Scott is right to abandon an appeal to a court ruling that found the state’s effort to remove noncitizens from the voters rolls in 2012 was in violation of federal law.
Published: 02/25/15

Editorial: Scott’s smart port strategy

In fiscal year 2011, the Florida Department of Transportation allocated $60.4 million for Florida’s 15 ports. The next year, with Gov. Rick Scott aggressively promoting port investments, that number increased to $187.5 million, and last year i...
Published: 02/24/15

Editorial: Proposal to set alimony guidelines deserves support

Couples contemplating the end of a marriage can go online and calculate how much child support the non-custodial parent will be required to pay until the child turns 18 years old.
Published: 02/23/15

Editorial: Don’t misuse Amendment 1 dollars

A mad scramble is on for Amendment 1 dollars, with the Legislature receiving proposals for nearly 500 water projects. They would cost far more than the estimated $700 million expected to be raised each year by the citizen-approved constitutional amen...
Published: 02/22/15

Shoring up Florida’s corrections system

The Florida Senate deserves credit for trying to bring transparency and discipline to a scandal-plagued Department of Corrections that has seemed impervious to reform.
Published: 02/21/15

Editorial: Court gaffs net ban challenge

Ever since voters overwhelmingly adopted a gill net ban in 1994, netters have been trying vainly to shred the law, through both legal challenges and legislative ploys.
Published: 02/21/15