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Sunday, Jul 13, 2014
AP Florida

Rallies in Florida back Venezuelan opposition


ORLANDO - Thousands of demonstrators waved the yellow and red of the Venezuelan flag in cities across Florida in solidarity with the South American country's political opposition movement.

An estimated 150 demonstrations were held worldwide Saturday. In South Florida, police estimated as many as 4,500 people gathered in the western suburb of Doral. Hundreds also gathered in Tampa and Orlando. The international nonprofit Un Mundo Sin Mordaza (a World without Censorship) organized the events.

Venezuela has faced serious social unrest since Feb. 12. At least eight people have been killed and 100 injured. The protesters say they want better security, more freedom of speech and an end to basic good shortages. They oppose the socialist government of Nicolas Maduro. Maduro blames the violence on a far-right effort to overthrow his government.