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Tuesday, Sep 23, 2014


Jany’s exit official in U.S. District 13 race

CLEARWATER - It’s official: Ed Jany is not running for the District 13 Congressional seat.
Updated: 16 hours ago

Libertarian an alternative in governor’s race

JACKSONVILLE BEACH — Libertarian Adrian Wyllie senses that voters are frustrated with their choices in this year’s governor’s race and is hoping they seem him as a better alternative.
Published: 09/21/14

Candidates’ stands on job-related issues

Published: 09/20/14
Updated: 09/21/14
On hiring, Crist vs. Scott?

On hiring, Crist vs. Scott?

TALLAHASSEE — When it comes to job growth, Gov. Rick Scott has the enviable position of playing offense.
Published: 09/21/14
Ad Watch: Scott falsely tars Crist over Rothstein scandal

Ad Watch: Scott falsely tars Crist over Rothstein scandal

Former Gov. Charlie Crist’s close relationship with convicted Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein is creating a vulnerability for Crist in the Florida governor’s race, but ads by Gov. Rick Scott exploiting the issue are overstated and in some areas outright false.
Published: 09/19/14
Updated: 09/20/14
Editorial endorsement: Amendment 1: Saving Florida’s brand

Editorial endorsement: Amendment 1: Saving Florida’s brand

With the Amendment 2 medical marijuana proposition lighting up political debate, Amendment 1 isn’t getting a lot of attention. But it could have the most lasting impact of any decision Florida voters will make this election.
Published: 09/21/14

St. Petersburg College event will examine role money has had on elections

SEMINOLE — Nearly five years after the U.S. Supreme Court deemed it legal for corporations and unions to spend limitless amounts of cash to help influence elections, the airwaves are awash in nasty attack ads.
Published: 09/15/14

Candidates target Duke billing

ST. PETERSBURG — If the protests and strongly worded letters are any indication, the public isn’t happy with Duke Energy.
Published: 09/14/14

Tribune endorsement: Voters should embrace Greenlight Pinellas

Greenlight Pinellas critics like to portray the transit plan as a boondoggle that will fund empty buses and build an archaic rail system few people will use.
Published: 09/12/14

Tribune endorsement: Vote “no” on Amendment 3

Making appointments to the Florida Supreme Court and to state appellate courts are among the most lasting and consequential decisions that governors make.
Published: 09/15/14