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Wednesday, Oct 22, 2014

The Right Stuff

A politics blog by Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson's baseball card - if he had one - would report he throws left, writes right. In his columns and blog, "The Right Stuff," southpaw Jackson provides insight into the evolving human condition from a distinctly conservative point of view.

9th Circuit affirms ‘hecker’s veto’ against American flag


The idea that school administrators do and should have broad authority to set peacekeeping rules strikes The Right Stuff as self-evident. In this, it finds itself in rare agreement with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. But, as the saying more or les...

Obamacare as Jenga


Another Obamacare shoe dropped Tuesday, but because it happened in faraway Minnesota, you might not have noticed. Although Minnesota’s NFL team idled one of the league’s top running backs over a charge of child abuse, and everybody noti...

Maxwell vs. Gillibrand: The Veracity Algorithm


Whatever else anyone makes of his tale of suspicion about what went down in the Foggy Bottom basement in the tumultuous days after the Benghazi massacre, we know this: Raymond Maxwell identified at least four people who could readily confirm or refut...

Neil deGrasse Tyson, serial fabulist


Neil deGrasse Tyson might be a scientist, but he seems to have only a nodding acquaintance with the truth. Having previously analyzed Tyson’s routine pretzelizing of quotes and outright fabrication of events to suit his narrative of the moment...

What went down in that Foggy Bottom basement?


The Right Stuff isn’t saying the Benghazi scandal has finally identified its John Dean, exactly. The complaint lodged by career diplomat Raymond Maxwell, a former deputy assistant secretary of state under Hillary Clinton, does not rise to the ...

White House ‘transparency’ revisited


The most transparent administration in history, the one without a smidgen of corruption, rolls on. The Daily Caller has been alerted to fresh evidence that the Department of Labor was coordinating with the White House to cover evidence that then-Labo...

The conundrum found in Obama’s definition of Islamic


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A bromance made in rugby heaven, sealed with a trip


This is amusing. Two straight New Zealand men, taking vows to each other — but mostly to rugby — “married” Friday morning to win the ultimate rugby fan honeymoon: A trip to see their team play in the 2015 Rugby World Cup i...

The Islamic definition conundrum


The Right Stuff simply has to get this on the record.

The wisdom attached to Ray Rice’s conditional carrot


Now that the NFL — which is to say Commissioner Roger Goodell — has, belatedly, gotten things just about right in the Ray Rice affair (an indefinite suspension and mandatory counseling), and we are all super-engaged on the topic of dome...