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Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014

The Right Stuff

A politics blog by Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson's baseball card - if he had one - would report he throws left, writes right. In his columns and blog, "The Right Stuff," southpaw Jackson provides insight into the evolving human condition from a distinctly conservative point of view.

Climate professors and Rick Scott’s sphinxian agenda


Climate scientists finally got their audience with Gov. Rick Scott the other day, and even as such reliably evenhanded ­­— cough, cough — political sites as the Daily Kos hailed the event as a “school[ing]” for ...

This isn’t complicated, for Perry or Boehner


In the wake of last week’s indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry that is simultaneously laughable, indefensible and educational — liberals hit a trifecta! — pundits on the left are scrambling to link Perry’s legal kerfuffle ...

Pam Bondi’s prescience affirmed by SCOTUS


Suddenly, Attorney General Pam Bondi’s reasonable request to postpone further appeals activity on same-sex marriage is not only abundantly logical, but prescient as well....

Already, GOP wringing wrong lesson from Ferguson


Not all the hollering out of sad, strife-gashed Ferguson, Mo., is coming from demonstrators, cop-bashers, cop-supporters, opportunistic looters or even roughed-up media. To that chorus of complaint now add the Missouri Republican Party, which sent up...

‘Dreamers’ plan to make case for GOP resistance


Marco Rubio, Florida’s junior U.S. senator, possible 2016 Republican presidential candidate and lapsed member of the “Gang of Eight” immigration pack, is the target of a demonstration by so-called “Dreamers” —...

Publishers and the Bergdahl book blockade


Six veterans who were deployed to Afghanistan with Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl are peddling a memoir surrounding their experiences connected to the disappearance and subsequent capture by Taliban forces of their former colleague....

Look out, Greenlight; here comes the driverless car


Regarding transportation, the question for all of us — but especially for Pinellas County voters, who in November will decide about their near-term future — isn’t whether we’d like it to be easier to get from here to there...

Robin Williams: Heartbreak redefined


From the moment he burst upon our consciousness as the manic, mischievous and innocent Mork, it was clear Robin Williams was not merely a unique mash-up of genius and energy; he was a marvelous freak of nature, the perfect storm of perpetual creativi...

Godspeed, Robin Williams; we hardly knew ye


Damn. Rats. Shazbat.

Politico detects GOP-flavored Democrats


Well, son of a gun. Politico detects Democrats running away from President Obama not only in red districts, as you might expect, but in zones that are purple and even solid blue as well....