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Thursday, Jul 24, 2014

The Right Stuff

A politics blog by Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson's baseball card - if he had one - would report he throws left, writes right. In his columns and blog, "The Right Stuff," southpaw Jackson provides insight into the evolving human condition from a distinctly conservative point of view.

Cracker Barrel and the muffin maximization


Following closely on the heels of an apparent hoaxing of KFC — an individual Jackson, Miss., restaurant and the company as a whole, causing regrettable ripples of the fool-me-twice variety — comes news of trouble for another family-frie...

The upside of ‘teaching to the test’


Ran across this — not for the first time — on my Facebook feed Sunday morning, a drawing of a sensibly dressed woman alongside this quote:...

Lois Lerner: Relentlessly up to no good


It grows increasingly apparent — almost by the day — why Lois Lerner hid behind the Fifth Amendment rather than answer questions from the House Oversight Committee. The woman seems to have been, ceaselessly, up to no good....

Once more, Rubio’s timing exquisite


With the possible exception of his involvement in the Gang of 8 immigration/amnesty fiasco, Marco Rubio’s particular political gift is one of timing. From his arrival in the Legislature at the precise moment Tallahassee began cranking out Spea...

IRS scandal: New life from destroyed evidence


What was the key educational point to emerge from Monday night’s rare prime-time visit by IRS Commissioner John Koskinen with the House Oversight Committee? Perhaps this: Koskinen believes the convenient destruction of evidence is sufficient r...

Democrats’ Fifth-Amendment paradox


Anyone with even a passing acquaintance with TV’s “Law & Order” franchises know there’s more to taking the Fifth Amendment — the constitutional guarantee against self-incrimination — than simply taking the Fi...

Hobby Lobby argument prevails in Colorado abortion case

Published:   |   Updated: June 20, 2014 at 06:47 PM

Now this is interesting.

When did Virginia adopt a monarchy?


Terry McAuliffe, that old friend of Bill and Hill who now occupies the governor’s mansion in Virginia, has a problem with the state constitution. The problem appears to be that it provides for a General Assembly — Virginia’s vers...

Pope Francis, pot poll-mover?


Pope Francis, revolutionary in his views on wealth redistribution, has a far more conservative take on recreational drug usage, including pot legalization: He’s against it. NBC News has the scoop:...

Wisconsin’s Walker attacked in episode of agenda-driven journalism, laziness, or both?


You might have heard or read about allegations of a criminal conspiracy involving Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and certain outside groups that supported his successful campaign against opponents seeking his recall in 2012. These claims are not only wr...