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Friday, Mar 27, 2015

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Florida House, Senate unveil education spending plans


The Senate education appropriations subcommittee released its $20.6 billion budget proposal Wednesday, just one day after the House education appropriations subcommittee released its proposed $20.7 billion spending plan.

“In general, there’s not a big delta between the House and the Senate at this point,” said Sen. Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, the chairman of the Senate education appropriations subcommittee.

The Senate proposal sets aside $18.9 billion for K-12 public school education; the House plan proposed more than $19 billion for K-12 public school education in fiscal 2014-15.

Both proposals surpass that which Gov. Rick Scott, R-Naples, proposed earlier this year. Scott in January proposed spending $18.84 billion on K-12 public schools.

Galvano is proposing $6,955 be spent on each student in the state’s K-12 public education system. That’s a $175 increase, or 2.58 percent, over the current year’s rate of $6,780 per student.

The House has proposed spending $6,988 on each student, an increase of nearly $208, or 3.07 percent, over the current year’s rate.

Scott’s spending plan proposed spending $6,948 per student, a $168 increase, or 2.48 percent, over the current year’s rate.

When it comes to higher education, the Senate has proposed spending $1.15 billion on the state’s colleges and $4.3 million on the state’s universities. The House proposal calls for $1.18 billion to be spent on the state’s colleges; while $4.26 billion on the state’s universities.

Scott’s spending plan called on state lawmakers to budget $1.17 billion for the state’s colleges and $4.21 billion for the state’s universities.

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