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Saturday, Aug 30, 2014
Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: The gift of helping others


The gift of helping others

I want to thank you for recently bringing attention to the YMCA’s annual Giving Campaign on April 2. It’s always a thrill to be in the paper, but even more of a thrill to be able to talk about something that I’m very passionate about. Yes, as the headline read, “Every penny counts,” but did you know that the Y is a 501(c)3 charity? Did you know that 100 percent of the money raised goes directly toward helping others here in Tampa? Did you know the Y doesn’t turn anyone away, and that by strengthening others our community as a whole benefits?

Any gift will help cancer survivors and their families find a safe and supportive place to heal and gain strength. Any gift will provide drowning prevention programs, help kids succeed in school and life with out-of-school programs, and help older adults stay active and healthy through the “SilverSneakers” program. Any gift will provide chronic-disease prevention programs and teach kids how to incorporate regular physical activity and healthy eating to combat obesity, and so much more.

With the doors to the Y open to all, we work every day to connect people from all backgrounds and support those who need us most. But we can only do this with your monetary support. For information, please call the Tampa YMCA at (813) 224-9622.

Laurie Holmes


The writer is a volunteer at the YMCA.

The VA family

I would like to express my appreciation to the VA for the excellent care they provide me. Three years ago I had a stroke and discovered only 15 percent of my heart was functioning. Ray Cutro and his excellent staff inserted a defibrillator in my chest. Not only is he my surgeon, but he is also my friend. I attend class daily, and Karyn Pringell teaches me how to read and tests my brain constantly. Not only have these people saved my life, they have become part of my family.

God bless the VA.

Bill Moudy

Temple Terrace

Back-up camera flaws

I read with interest that at last the car manufacturers must put back-up cameras on the 2018 models. With so many accidents and people getting hurt, it should have been mandatory a long time ago. This is so important to me that I installed an after-market system on my 2012 Nissan.

I purchased a new Buick Lacrosse in July. I wanted the car to have two things — a back-up camera system and a blind-spot warning system. The car had both. Then I discovered the back-up camera system has a major flaw. When backing out, the viewing screen gets slowly darker until the screen goes completely black. At first I thought it was caused by the sun glare until I backed out on a cloudy day. I discovered that the back-up camera works in conjunction with the automatic headlight sensor, and it appears that it is wired in reverse and should not even be part of the sensor.

After the screen goes black, I wait for about 20 seconds, and the auto headlights go off and I get a really nice display on the screen. If I drive the car back into the garage, then put the transmission in reverse, the screen goes dark each time.

I have visited three Buick dealer repair centers, and they all ran diagnostics and stated this is the way the car was designed.

I made a movie with my iPad, but this meant nothing to the repair people.

I called the GM customer satisfaction phone number and told them I thought this was wrong. They called the dealers and were told the car meets the specs.

I then wrote a letter to CEO Mary Barra and other GM executives. I asked them to give a dealer permission to remove the system and check out the wiring to see if they could bypass the sensor.

The only thing that happened is that the executives had someone call the dealers, and he and I got the same story.

My wife has stated that she has had one close call while backing, and I have had two. Now I have made a report to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

I think it is just as important for back-up cameras to work correctly as it is to have one in every car.

At least GM cannot deny knowing about the problem now.

Harold Hackney


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