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Wednesday, Oct 01, 2014
Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Stay home, please


Stay at home, please

The legislative bodies in California have proven time and time again that they are the embodiment and founders of political lunacy. This time it is the Los Angeles Ethics Commission, an oxymoron if I ever heard one. The op-ed piece in the Aug. 26 Tribune (“Imagine a system where you could win even if your candidate doesn’t,” Other Views), states they recently passed a resolution to establish an “election lottery with cash prizes.” Only those residents who vote in city elections would be eligible to win. Brilliant! As if we don’t already have enough citizens voting without ever researching the candidates and the issues; now they want to encourage more.

How many of these “voters” will vote because they “like a candidate’s name” or, worse, randomly pick? I prefer they stay home. If you are too stupid to realize voting is a privilege fought for by men and women who died for over two hundred years, then they should not vote. Just like the Romans who were offered free entertainment, food and wine, the peasants before the French Revolution who were given “free cake” and the German people who were promised a better Germany by the Nazis before Hitler put on his iron glove of tyranny, this is paying the illiterate masses to vote for the sake of a high-percentage turnout so politicians can feel good about themselves.

I wonder how many more of the dead would rise up to vote in Chicago with the promise of a lottery entry. They have more than enough who vote from the grave already. How do you think Obama got elected?

Harald Stone


Stand with Israel

Regarding “Militants fire over 115 rockets at Israel” (Nation & World, Aug. 26): Thank you, Tribune, for noting that rockets were fired at Israel and not Israel initiating the attacks. Since the media has been reporting the warfare in the Middle East, more specifically between Hamas and Israel, the headlines and stories seem to indicate that Israel is the “bad guy” or the initiator of the attacks and loss of lives.

I do not think that the term militant accurately defines Hamas and those who would continue to press for the obliteration of Israel. “Murderers” and “hate” would seem more defining and accurate. Those who would use innocent children, women, hospitals, schools, mosques and other sites of religious practice as shields are cowardly murderers. Israel provides warnings before striking. It takes many precautions to thwart the killing of innocents. Israel does not kill for the joy of murder. Israel stands for life.

Anyone who thinks that the murderers of Hamas are striking for peace is very misguided. Peace to them means killing every Jew, Gentile and others in Israel, and to remove the state of Israel from history and the globe to be renamed a jihad state. Does anyone really believe the murderers are about peace?

Keep in mind that those who want to erase Israel would also want to erase the United States from the map as well. Although there are many reasons we should be standing for Israel, one is that we should stand with Israel lest we become the targets of the same hatred in a world in which no one stands with us — a goal by those who hate Israel.

Lynn Rowe


‘Liberal hyperbole’

Is anyone else tired of the same old liberal hyperbole about the Affordable Care Act saving millions of Americans from bankruptcy and countless Americans from death? (“What hurricane?” Your Views, Aug. 26).

Millions of Americans don’t run up credit card debt or buy a house they can’t afford. They exercise and don’t smoke so they don’t have expensive medical costs. They work for companies that have group health insurance, or they prioritize their spending so they can buy their own health insurance. Some choose not to buy health insurance when they are young until they get established in a job that will provide them health insurance. Some just show up at emergency rooms when they get hurt and get the emergency care they need.

Millions are not going bankrupt, and most of us can count so we know that age, accidents, disease and violence cause death, not lack of health care.

We need to quit expecting the government to bail us out for mistakes we make, and that includes big corporations. We expect children to grow up and take care of themselves and not spend the rest of their lives living off mom and dad. Maybe it’s time to let them know that doesn’t mean they go from living off mom and dad to living off the government.

Terry A. Larson


What happened to choice?

I live in Hillsborough County, and I’m having my revocable trust, will (executor of my estate), living will and my health care power of attorney redone. The attorney taking care of these things advised me that unless there is a familial relationship, only a Florida resident can be appointed by me to fill these positions. The same regulations apply to a durable power of attorney as well. The attorney is very capable, and he doesn’t make the laws, but the person I’ve known for 40 years and trust with my life lives in New York state.

It is very disturbing to me that, in our great nation, where we have so many rights and freedoms, I am prohibited from naming the person I want on my pre-death documents. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. I feel this should be changed, and quickly.

Denise Fitzpatrick

Sun City Center

‘JV administration’

Regarding “Why you — and your brain — really need a vacation” (Chicago Tribune, Other Views, Aug. 23): I get the gist of the article, that one’s brain needs to allow neurons to “roam free” every once in a while; however, it is no Chicago surprise that the “hometown” of President Obama is defending the vacation to Martha’s Vineyard when hell has broken lose at home and around the world. I also get that other sitting presidents take vacations to Texas, Arkansas, Maine and California, etc. However, when America is facing so many threats and problems, we need a strong leader today much like Prime Minister Cameron of the UK or Prime Minister Netanyahu. They aren’t golfing. Their priority is to protect their people and provide for their nations’ security — not so with our president. We have a “JV” administration.

Pablo Miguel


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