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Wednesday, Apr 23, 2014
Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Second Amendment education


Second Amendment education

Regarding “Gun to the head” (Your Views, Dec. 27) by Arthur C. Hayhoe. Knowing that Hayhoe is the executive director of the Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Inc. allows one to read his rantings and understand that his organization firmly believes that no person should be allowed to own any type of firearm in the USA or possibly the world. They probably would also like to disarm all the armies of the USA/world which would allow all the criminals in the world to do what they please. Great thinking.

It’s obvious that they need help in understanding the Constitution since Hayhoe refers to the myth of the Second Amendment.” I suggest that he and others like him read the Second Amendment and all the Federalist Papers pertaining to this subject, and maybe use a dictionary so they can understand what they read.

Maybe he could also explain why Chicago and Washington, D.C., along with other areas of the country with the strictest gun control laws, also have the most crime committed with guns, and the most killings of innocent people. Maybe it has something to do with “when you take away the guns from law-abiding citizens, only criminals will have them.”

Lawrence Creger


Fourth Amendment issue

Regarding “Gun to the head:” The writer wants more gun control, and he wants to infringe and diminish the Second Amendment. Their arguments are always the same — emotional in basis and never in fact. The NRA and legal gun owners have done more to ensure gun safety than any organization in the country and certainly more than gun control zealots who are only concerned about controlling and monitoring law-abiding citizens. How about going after criminals with the same degree of zealotry and hostility as they do legal, law-abiding citizens? Why do they not advocate the infringement of the Fourth Amendment? That would surely give law enforcement an opportunity to clean up the streets.

New York City has had a “stop and frisk” program in place for several years, and by all accounts it has been very successful at taking “illegal” guns off the streets. Of course, the liberals — the same folks willing to infringe on the Second Amendment — are opposed to this program, and the recently elected liberal Democrat mayor has committed to eliminating the program.

I am opposed to any assault on any provisions of our Constitution but would suggest that restrictions on law enforcement growing out of judicial interpretations of the Fourth Amendment have hampered our ability to improve public safety far more than the NRA, as the writer and so many others have implied. You want fewer guns on the street? Take more criminals off the streets, and less gun violence will follow.

Darrell W. Katz


Criminals to blame

In response to “Gun to the head:” It’s time for this coalition to stop firing off about needing more restrictions on gun ownership. It’s not the law-abiding citizens who need to be punished and have their constitutional rights infringed upon. Blame the criminals. They don’t follow laws. That will never change.

And to equate the Republican Party to an act of holding a gun to your head clearly shows this writer’s delusion.

Barbara Tigue

Land O’ Lakes

St. Pete struck out

I would like to respond to a recent letter to the editor from Norman Addad. The writer took exception to Joe Henderson’s column in which he opined that the Rays were not going to move anywhere but Tampa and that Montreal was not stupid enough to build a stadium unless they had a team, most likely referring to what St. Petersburg did .

The writer took umbrage and thought that it was a slam at St. Pete. The fact is, that’s exactly what they did, and what is now Tropicana Field was completed in 1990 and did not field a team, the then-Devil Rays, until 1998. This was at the expense of Pinellas taxpayers. We also were used as a pawn by the Chicago White Sox, San Francisco Giants and the Seattle Mariners in their efforts to get their respective cities to build them a new stadium. They succeeded, and as a result reneged on their promises to relocate their teams to the Tampa Bay area.

At the time of the so-called baseball war in the 1980s between St. Pete and Tampa regarding a new stadium, Tampa’s position was that a stadium would be built when a team was secured, either through relocation or expansion, and most likely would be located on Dale Mabry Highway near the stadium and where Al Lopez Field was. St. Pete city fathers decided to jump the gun anyway and build a stadium on the cheap, one that was seriously design-flawed and in the worst possible location, because they felt Tampa already had the benefit of the airport, Tampa Stadium and USF and they were no longer going to be outdone again by Tampa, despite what taxpayers felt. Well, we now know how that worked out.

Over the past 15 years most new stadiums and ballparks have been built in the downtown areas of cities, such as Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Seattle and Minneapolis. In each case it dramatically revitalized downtown areas. Despite Mr. Haddad’s dislike for that to happen in Tampa, I’ve got a scoop for him: That’s where the Rays will relocate, and it’s where this team should have been playing since 1998!

Dom Cassano


A special couple

It is so wonderful to see Tampa’s own coach, Tony Dungy, and his wife, Lauren, write another book, “Uncommon Marriage Bible Study.” Once again this special couple is making a difference in the lives of so many people. Our city has so much to be proud of with this ethical couple who do so much for our community

Tom Chastain