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Saturday, Aug 23, 2014
Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Respect other religions


Respect other religions

I have to differ with Tom Jackson on his column about the acceptability of all kinds of prayer (“Prayer ruling honors our ancient virtue,” May 7). How will those who have been clamoring for prayer, especially in the name of Jesus, feel when someone prays publicly at one of these meeting in the name of Allah, Mohammad or Krishna? I am sure they will be very angry.

I have been in meetings where the guest minister has prayed for Jesus and noticed the alienation of people of other faiths. Prayer in these cases is supposed to unite us with a common belief that we should act for the good of all. I have no problem with a prayer that invokes the creator or the Lord, which is certainly much more inclusive. I am sure if Jesus were sitting on a throne above he would have no problem with that and understand. Yet many people believe Christianity “is the only way to God.” So a prayer to Jesus is basically very divisive to those who are not of that faith.

Many of my friends who have served in the Muslim countries in the various services feel even stronger about respecting other religions after being on the other end of being a minority.

Rob Rowen

St. Petersburg

Avoid conflict

Why would anyone (except Great Britain’s regime) want to re-ignite the conflict in Northern Ireland? Innocent people died on both sides, and bringing one deeply disturbed zealot to justice will not bring them back.

Belgrade Glendenning


Seeing orange in Riverview

I’m sure there’s nobody who likes driving through construction zones to get home. That said, I’m pretty sure that if they make another sequel to “National Treasure,” one of the clues is going to be under an orange barrel on Boyette Road in Riverview. The final phase has been horrendous for those of us who have no choice but to drive this route every day.

Everyone has been driving on a virtually finished road all the way between McMullen and Sedgebrook, yet we’re all crammed down into one lane for about two miles for the last two or three years. I’ve seen the signal light poles sitting assembled in the middle of the road since July 2013, and yet the signals still aren’t up and working. Why? Every few months some crew cuts a section of concrete, then pours some more somewhere else, and they disappear for six months. Why?

Putting some scheduling emphasis on finishing the road the soonest would have moved the traffic jam down closer to the perpetually unfinished bridge over Bell Creek, and you could have taken hundreds of cars out of the afternoon traffic jam by letting many of us turn into our subdivisions to get home before the orange barrel display. I’m sure this same scheduling improvement would have made it easier for school buses to finish their routes, and made it easier for people to get in and out of the shopping center. There’s probably a thousand orange barrels on Boyette between McMullen and Sedgebrook — their only purpose is to make a virtually completed road one lane each way instead of two. Unless the orange barrels were donated, the county could have saved all that money for the past few years. Why not change the priorities in planning and scheduling to emphasize having the most people get benefit from projects the soonest?

Dom Cirello


Time to go

The question the Hillsborough County School Board should be asking isn’t what has to be done to fix the stressed bus system, but how did the superintendent make it this bad in the first place. This disaster and wholesale resignations are not the result of “outside” forces, but the continued lack of sound leadership and the manage-by-crisis style of Superintendent MaryEllen Elia. When is enough going to be enough for the School Board to finally do something? Does another child have to be injured, or, God forbid, die? It’s time for a leadership change at the top levels of the school district. If this School Board will not or cannot do it, it’s time for a change there, too.

Gene Wells


Tampa’s rock monotony

Are there any investors who are willing and able to start a local FM rock music radio station? We have Thunder Across the Bay on two stations, and neither has clear reception. And worse yet, they play the same songs as The Eagle. 98 Rock is somewhat cool if you don’t mind hearing a newer song five times in one eight-hour work day. Variety? Also overrated, as corporate suits from IHeart Radio and Clear Channel must control playlists.

No rock stations here play older, hard classic rock. Case in point: 98 Rock will call Billy Squire a legend and completely avoid Dio and Megadeath.

One can only take so much Billy Joel, the Eagles and Supertramp on The Eagle every day without wigging out. Someone, please save us from the monotony of Tampa rock radio.

Gary Essinger

Palm Harbor