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Friday, Feb 27, 2015
Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Protect lives, not industry

TBO.com Staff
Published:   |   Updated: March 18, 2013 at 04:59 PM

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Protect lives, not industry

Regarding "Time to clean up coal ash" (Views, June 4): I trust Dr. Lynn Ringenberg to tell the truth about the harmful effects of coal ash. I was greatly disappointed to hear that Congress was considering an amendment to a transportation bill that would prevent the EPA from fulfilling its mission to protect the public from the pollutants present in this toxic waste.

I am appalled that the legislative process could be tainted by such an amendment. Clearly, such a ridiculous amendment has nothing to do with transportation and should not be allowed. Furthermore, what does the inclusion of such an amendment say about our political process?

My spouse is a special education teacher at Ruskin Elementary. Many of her developmentally delayed students live in depressed areas where the likelihood of groundwater poisoning is greatly increased. The families of these precious children will have to live with the consequences of environmental poisoning for the rest of their lives. How dare our elected officials choose to protect an industry and not the lives of innocent children. I am pleading with you to do the right thing in opposing this amendment. Anything otherwise would be a dereliction of duty.

John R. Gallo


Simple mathematics

Roy G. Valdes fails to understand the role of profit in a business enterprise (or for that matter, the federal government) ("Obamacare's benefits," Your Views, June 2). When will the "entitlement-minded" understand one cannot exist very long as an enterprise, business or government, if you continually pay out more than you take in?

It isn't bad economic policies. It isn't Obamacare. It isn't over-regulation. It is a simple matter of mathematics that will do you in. Turn off the money-printing presses, pull back the excess government programs, create an absolute budget for America, and get real about solving the problems.

Jim Chapman

Palm Harbor

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