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Saturday, Aug 30, 2014
Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: It’s society’s fault


It’s society’s fault

Regarding “State right to back down” (Our Views,Dec. 4): The last paragraph of the editorial states, “Instead of blind-siding local supervisors of elections with directives, Detzner should be working to make voting as simple and convenient as possible.” Hello? Am I missing something? How difficult and/or inconvenient is it to place a 46-cent stamp on the ballot and place it in a mailbox? Most U.S. postal stamps don’t even require licking.

Call me old-fashioned, but I remember that in order to “qualify” for an absentee ballot the voter’s reason had to be approved by the election supervisor. Furthermore, there was only one voting day — Election Day.

Voting is one of the most important rights and privileges of being an American. It is a shame that voters today don’t realize that and are too consumed with being inconvenienced, or are just flat-out too lazy to stand in line.

It’s not the Republicans suppressing the Democrats or vice versa. It’s the society we have created!

Scott Reuther


Viable and humane option

I am a big supporter and believer in the feral cat trap-neuter-return (TNR) program, and I can tell you that it works.

Our family already has indoor cats as pets and obviously cannot take in every stray that wanders by. There had been a stray male cat in our neighborhood for a few years that a few families had been feeding. One day he was running around the neighborhood with two young girl cats. I recognized this was not going to be a good outcome. Enter TNR. I was able to trap and take all three cats to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay for “Feral Cat Day.” For a very small fee, they spay/neuter and vaccinate each feral cat for rabies. They also clip the left ear of each cat, signifying that they are a sterilized feral cat. You then come back in the afternoon and pick up the cats and then re-release them. Had I not taken the three cats in, the neighborhood would’ve been overrun with cats in no time at all. They are great hunters, and we are thankful to have them around. They are certainly not a nuisance.

There is just no reason to senselessly euthanize hundreds of cats every month when TNR is a viable and humane option.

Emily R. Sanders

New Tampa

Sports reality

It is time to face the reality of professional baseball and football in the Tampa Bay area.

Baseball will not draw fans to a stadium until it is easily accessible to the majority of the population. This eliminates St. Pete and even central Tampa. A stadium will have to be located central to I-75, I-275 and I-4, where there is good access for the majority of the population. Football and hockey do not have weekday afternoon games like baseball, so downtown locations are fine for those sports because the majority of after-work or weekend traffic is fans going to the game.

Football in the Tampa Bay area has no way to field a team that is always at the top of the division and fills the stadium until there is a new owner. The one Super Bowl win was with a Tony Dungy team that Jon Gruden inherited. The team took itself to the Super Bowl and played Gruden’s former team, which was coached by his former assistant.

Richard Ross


Skilled workers

Regarding “A formula that keeps thousands employed” (Other Views, Dec. 3):

Lane Filler seems to think the only way to get attention from an associate of Wal-Mart is to abandon a screaming child. Wal-Mart associates are aware of every screaming child. They hear them 24/7. Children scream because they are bored, spoiled, tired or need to be fed. It is not a Wal-Mart associate’s job to placate a bored, spoiled, tired or hungry child. Wal-Mart has always been an advocate of Code Adam. If you lose your child, they will lock the doors until the child is found.

Wal-Mart associates are a diverse breed. At any store you will find young people supplementing their income while attending college. Retirees are supplementing their Social Security by choosing to serve the public. Engineers, mechanics, architects, teachers, musicians, artisians — all displaced by our economy — are striving to make a decent living without relying on government support. These are not “unskilled” workers.

Try coming into a Wal-Mart store and working for one day. You will find how complicated the process is — from the backroom, to the aisles, to the checkout line. Sit behind a cashier for one hour. Watch as he or she scans each item from an overloaded basket, overrides for competitors’ prices, bags groceries, maintains a friendly attitude while overlooking screaming children, and then moves on to the next person in a long, never-ending line. This is not an “unskilled worker.”

Wal-Mart is not in business to support the “economically challenged” segment of our society. Just like any multibillion-dollar corporation, Wal-Mart is in business to make money. In Sam Walton’s day it was about the customer first, then associates, then the profit. In today’s world, Wal-mart is about the profit, the profit, the customer, the profit, and then the associate.

Judith K. Kuykendall

Spring Hill

Simple as that

After all is said and done, one has to figure America is truly gullible and getting more so year after year. President Obama really thinks America is as dumb as it can get, as he thinks people will buy his Ponzi scheme called Obamacare.

It does not take a mental giant to figure out that the 15 to 20 million people who don’t have health insurance will get another free gift from Obama the Santa at the expense of the 80 percent. It’s as simple as that, folks.

Jim Vogler


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