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Sunday, Apr 20, 2014
Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Filibuster vote a necessary evil


Filibuster hypocrisy

Regarding “On filibuster change, partisanship reigns supreme” (Our Views, Nov. 23): I am responding to the editorial’s concern with Sen. President Harry Reid’s decision to implement the so-called “nuclear option.” I find this position hypocritical in that the frustration is fueled by the same partisanship of which the editorial speaks against. In a time when Congress has an all-time low approval rate of 9 percent, allegiance to either party is irrelevant as we are all losers.

Even as I acknowledge my own manifestation of a liberal caricature on a personal level (sporting hair longer than your sister’s, a beard envied by lumberjacks, and the quintessential Grateful Dead bumper sticker fixed directly next to the remnants of 2008’s empty promises “Yes We Can” propaganda), I have no hesitation in airing my disgust with all of our elected officials. After enduring more filibusters than any previous presidency and one of the longest government shutdowns in history, another minute literally wasted on the Senate floor (YouTube, ‘Sen. Cruz reads Green, Eggs, and Ham’) would be to make a mockery of our political process. Deciding to allow majority rule to incrementally increase governmental efficiency is to force the men and women we’ve elected into office to do their job and not waste any more of our time. Regardless of whether you sway left or right, prefer blue or red, or favor donkey or elephant, we the people deserve that much.

Brian Reardon


Nelson to blame

I thought the editorial on the heavy-handed move by the Democrats regarding the filibuster was very good. I only hope you will remember this when it comes time to endorse Sen. Bill Nelson again. He has so far supported everything Obama has proposed that has gotten us into the mess the country is in at present.

Paul Farley

Tampa Obama a genius?

Regarding George Will’s commentary “The unraveling of a self-absorbed presidency” (Other Views, Nov. 25):

As part of his commentary regarding Obama’s presidency, George Will cites a quote from Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, who states, “He knows exactly how smart he is...I think that he has never really been challenged intellectually...He’s been bored to death his whole life. He’s just too talented to what ordinary people do. He would never be satisfied with what ordinary people do.”

Impressive. However, given Obama’s track record, we ordinary folk must be geniuses.

Lew Prichard


Pier solution

Dear St. Petersburg, I feel your pain about the Pier all the way up here in Pensacola. I have the answer to your problems. You need to fix the Pier asap so you won’t lose all the mojo of your downtown. Keep the Pier and upgrade the restaurants and shops. Take out valet parking and allow people to drive around the Pier to see and be seen. You have all the restaurants downtown with seating outside and nothing to look at. Call it “Cruise the Pier.” Tourists will love it.

Randy Myers


Thanks, mayors

Special kudos to Pam Iorio for her outstanding article “Born in the Depression, they led Tampa to prosperity” (Views, Nov. 24). A wonderfully written piece on mayors Bill Poe, Dick Greco, and Bob Martinez; a must read for every Tampa resident. Indeed each of these dedicated men brought greatness and prosperity to Tampa. Each in their own right made a difference but what’s missing from this well-written piece is that similar accolades need to be heaped upon Pam and Sandy Freedman. Since Pam can’t write about herself let me be one to say that she did as much for Tampa as those described in her article. And let’s not forget Mayor Sandy, she was right up there with the best of them. It’s no easy task being the mayor of a city but some folks are just made for the job and the “magnificent five” get my vote.

John Osterweil


Government glut

Regarding “Teacher raise may lift retailers” (Front page, Nov. 24): One particular paragraph caught my eye: the top five employers in Hillsborough County are all government or quasi government entities. Not one single private enterprise made the top five! There couldn’t be a more telling example of the explosion of government in our economy and our daily lives along with the taxes and fees needed to support this growing payroll. This is a path which is not sustainable.

Kim Droege

Sun City Center

An American tale

Your story “Exile family grows Thanksgiving feast” (Front page, Nov. 24) about the Quevedo family moved me to tears. What a great story — immigrants celebrating an American holiday the way it was meant to be celebrated. They truly recognize the reason for this holiday — gratitude to be in this great country, freedom to congregate where they like and enjoyment of each other’s company. I truly hope this tradition within their family never stops and they prosper and grow. The Quevedos are a shining example of true Americans. God Bless!

Nancy Schumann