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Sunday, Aug 31, 2014
Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Elia’s attempt to silence school board members is absurd


Elia’s tactics

Hillsborough Superintendent MaryEllen Elia’s request that school board members not talk with the consultant hired to study the district’s transportation department is absurd (“Elia tells board be mum with consultant,” Metro, March 13). Who is going to tell the consultant about the problems with the transportation system? I realize that some of the board members think Elia walks on water after receiving the Gates Grant, and I am sure they will give her the OK and not talk to the consultant. We know that Elia will sugarcoat the problem and lead the consultant down the Elia highway that shows very little of what’s wrong. The consultant will then report to the board that the transportation system is good to go. As I read the article I kept thinking of the problems with the Gates Grant. How teacher after teacher says the evaluation system is unfair and nothing is done about it. Now I realize why nothing is done with the Gates Grant and other problems. The board doesn’t get the whole picture. They only get the Elia picture.

Agnes Murphy


Bat beats umbrella

I recently attended a spring training baseball game and encountered some ridiculous security rules. As I approached the stadium I was carrying a baseball glove and an umbrella. Although the glove was for catching foul balls, I did not realize that I would catch a foul attitude for the umbrella. From 50 feet away, someone started yelling, “no umbrellas!” I returned to my vehicle and left the umbrella. When I asked for an explanation I was given the ridiculous canard that it was for “security reasons.” I was also told, “if it can be used as a weapon, then it is a weapon.” Inside the stadium they were selling autographed baseball bats. If I were in a fight between someone holding a baseball bat and someone holding an umbrella, then I would not want to be the one with the umbrella.

George P. Fulton


Mudslinging ends

At last the million-dollar mudslinging contest for District 13 is over. Neither candidate could have held a candle to former congressman C.W. “Bill” Young in a fair race. So what more can be really said except he’s a Jolly good fellow and, Ms. Sink, do you need any help packing your bags to return to Tampa?

Ray Brown


Jolly and GOP

OK, David Jolly beat Alex Sink. Your editorial after the election mentioned for the umpteenth time that Sink “would have been forced to side with Nancy Pelosi and the National Democratic Party.” And just who will Jolly side with? I won’t hold my breath waiting for him to cast a vote that doesn’t toe the Republican Party line.

Marilyn Signer


Budget solution

When is Congress going to resolve the budget mess? All it has to do is ban smoking everywhere but inside the home or automobile. This will reduce payouts by Medicare for second-hand smoke claims by 30 percent and save enough money to balance the budget and generate a surplus. What are they waiting for?

Robert Fohrmeister


Jeb and Condi

Although some of my tea party friends will disagree, I feel that a winning presidential ticket for 2016 is Jeb Bush and Condi Rice. I believe that Jeb’s endorsement of David Jolly was the deciding factor in Jolly winning the District 13 U.S. House seat. Jeb is still popular in Florida and the nation and he exudes confidence and trust, something that has been lacking in recent years. Further, Jeb is extremely popular with the Hispanic community, even more so than Marco Rubio, and this could play a big part in the 2016 presidential race. Rice has experience in foreign affairs, a big asset. She would be popular with women, minorities and independents. Let’s hope Jeb declares his candidacy for president of this great country.

Chuck Graham

Pinellas Park

Thanking Obama

I could be on the wrong side of this one, but I’m siding with one of my missionary friends who is 86 and was born in Syria and has worked there and in Lebanon and in America and is now retired here. He says Assad is a dictator, yes, but he is best for the small Christian minority. I am not an Obama supporter, but I am going to thank him for not getting into Syria. My friends on the right think he was wrong, but I’m going to hope he was right. There comes a time when we put politics aside and give a man his due. No, I am not going to say he compromised with Putin. I’m going to say he agreed with Putin’s policy. I’m glad he did not listen to his critics.

Roy E. Rood


Obama, the dictator

Our president, or should I say “dictator,” has bypassed Congress to implement his own laws way too many times and gotten away with it. It just amazes me as to why or how Congress hasn’t stopped him from doing this. And our attorney general, Eric Holder, has done the same thing. They pick and choose what laws to enforce and what laws for law enforcement to ignore. The president is a man who studied constitutional law yet ignores it. I think he has forgotten that we have three branches of government for a reason. He now puts into action a law that will force employers to pay overtime to salaried workers. Here comes another job killer.

Cindy Conti

Apollo Beach

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