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Tuesday, Sep 30, 2014
Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Don’t repeat WWII error


Don’t repeat WWII error

I just read the story about the Iraqi town being attacked by the ISIS rebels. The townspeople decided to fight back, but they were running low on all supplies. I don’t understand why the allied countries are not helping them.

Are we just going to sit back and wait for ISIS to pick its way into every country, like we did in the past? Are we just going to stand by and watch from afar, sealed up behind our borders, not coming to their aid just like we did in WWII? We don’t want another Hitler cherry-picking the weaker countries that are unable to defend themselves. Soon they will encompass the entire Middle Eastern countries. Of course, they won’t stop there. They will continue on to other places: Africa, Europe, etc.

I think the Allies waited too long to intervene in WWII — that’s why it was such a massive undertaking. If the Allies had started earlier, before (the Axis powers) had gained so much territory, it would have been over sooner. Why must we always repeat our mistakes? We need to get our heads out of the sand and go in and remove them, permanently. Innocent lives will be lost, but how many innocent lives did we take during WWII? The bad guys are always going to hide behind the innocents. That’s why they are the bad guys.

I would rather send troops over there than to have to fight them on our own soil. Please people, watch the History channel. Take a lesson from the mistakes we made.

Sharon Jones

Dade City

Good grief

Headlined on the front page last Friday was the targeting of share-riding companies for a violation of some ridiculous regulation in Hillsborough County. Good grief.

What happened to an individual’s right to work? The government, from the White House down to individual cities, has saddled the individual who wants more in life with one regulation after another.

Norman Anderson


Massachusetts’ problem

Regarding “Gay divorce heads to high court” (Metro, Aug. 28): Why do same-sex couples who are married come to Florida knowing our state does not honor same-sex marriages in the court system?

If these individuals got themselves into this mess in Massachusetts, go back to Massachusetts and get yourself out of it. Do not change our legal system for your own agenda. In my opinion, it would save a lot of court costs and legal fees if this couple was back in Massachusetts.

Hopefully, this sounds level-headed, instead of what was in the paper. It appears this problem will never go away and will never be solved. It is apparent these groups do not want a solution; they appear to want fame and attention and cause aggravation to our legal system.

It still baffles me why they wish to change our legal system in Florida. The true Floridian does not want this lifestyle.

Ed Herndon


Waste of time

Regarding “Pediatrics group advises later school times” (Aug. 29):

Pediatricians would like to push for later start times for teens to curb lack of sleep issues. It’s possible the people involved in this study may not have kids themselves. If they do, maybe their kids are compliant and don’t understand having to deal with strong-willed kids who scoff at bedtime deadlines.

Later school times won’t help many kids get more sleep. It just means these kids will stay up later because they wouldn’t have to get up so early — that’s all. You could start school at 10 a.m., and it still likely wouldn’t help. The group of kids for which this recommendation is intended to benefit likely isn’t going to be reached. However, now you’ve cut into the amount of time after school to do homework, as well as after-school activities, which affects the disciplined kids and families.

Like you can’t control the weather and you can’t control how people drive, you certainly aren’t going to control how much sleep a group of people get.

I wonder how much these people were paid to do the study. Maybe we need a study on the effectiveness and benefit of such studies.

Don Baker


Profiting off a scare

Letter writer Jeff Hibbert asked last week, “Why would the top scientists ... put their reputation on the line” preaching the scare of catastrophic global warming?” Because of money — billions of dollars. Thousands of scientists, politicians and “green-energy” entrepreneurs are making very good livings from the scare.

Many facts contradict the CGW hypothesis, but it became a dogma of the green religion. The computer models, which are constantly wrong predicting climate in the past 20 years, can be manipulated to predict whatever you like in the future.

A scientist who would expose that “the King (of GW) is naked” would endanger his career, and certainly would not get any grants.

I am a scientist interested in climate and energy issues for more than 30 years. Look at the facts yourself.

Wojciech Szalecki

Madeira Beach

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