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Sunday, Feb 01, 2015
Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Bribing students

TBO.com Staff
Published:   |   Updated: March 18, 2013 at 11:15 AM

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Bribing students

Regarding "New attendance push is prized by both students and educators" (front page, Sept. 4): I read with interest the article regarding providing incentives for students to attend school. When did we reach a point in society where we "reward" students for simply doing what they are supposed to do?

With this incentive program we continue to enable students to buy into the belief of being awarded a bonus for minimal standards.

What happens when they reach adulthood and enter the real world? Will their employers offer incentives for them to show up at work? Will they get bonuses for meeting minimum standards? Of course not!

Let's stop this pathetic attempt to cajole uncaring students into attending school. Those who want to learn will attend. Those who don't probably cannot be bribed with bike helmets, bikes and concert tickets.

And the schools will be the better for the absence of this disinterested group.

Patricia Lee-Lucardie


Fighting for us

Bill Maher, the so-called comedian, was in Clearwater over the weekend spewing his hatred for Republicans. He called Republicans "old white people who make sighing noises when they get up."

I guess he forgets that while he was running around in diapers, these "old people" were putting their lives on the line in World War II and the Korean War.

Their sons and daughters and husbands and wives were willing to fight for the right that Maher enjoys today — freedom of speech.

He may only see "old people," but I see courageous men and women who were willing to fight and even die to defend our country and our freedom.

I salute our servicemen and servicewomen. Thank you for defending our freedom.

Scott Forbes


'Intellectual' Joe?

So when Bill Maher was in town he acknowledged Paul Ryan as the intellectual head of the Republican Party but mocked that as being a very low bar to cross. However, since Ryan has become the Republican vice presidential nominee does that mean that Joe Biden is the intellectual head of the Democratic Party?

Darren LeRoux

St. Petersburg

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