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Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014

Letters To The Editor

The diminishing prospect of overall peace in Middle East

Regarding “ ‘Significant responsibility’  for Gaza tragedy” (Letter of the Day, Aug. 4): I fully agree with Michael O’Hara Garcia’s acknowledgment of the Camp David Peace Accords (CDPA) as a shi...
Published: 08/10/14

Letters to the editor: Trial lawyers or physicians?

Trial lawyers or physicians?
Published: 08/09/14

‘You have the power and authority — use it’

I agree with the views expressed in Thursday’s paper (“Putting partisanship aside and making tough choices” by U.S. Reps. David Jolly and Patrick E. Murphy, Other Views).
Published: 08/09/14

Letters to the editor: Zero chance

Zero chance
Published: 08/08/14

Letter of the Day: Seeking a reasonable limit to elections idiocy

Regarding “D.C. idiocy won’t get my money” (Joe Henderson, Metro, Aug. 1):
Published: 08/08/14

Letters to the editor: Good signal in Pinellas

Good signal in Pinellas
Published: 08/07/14

Letter of the Day: Don’t let fear affect your oral health

The Tribune’s recent story on Florida ranking as the scariest state in the U.S. included “going to the dentist” as a common fear. As a dentist who is passionate about helping others, it’s disconcerting to see dentists comp...
Published: 08/07/14

Letters to the editor: Morally obligated

Morally obligated
Published: 08/06/14

Letter of the Day: A school of champions

There were many special words about Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks in all the articles you have shared with us over the years, especially this past week. But if you want to see where these words also play out physically off the field, in a school and i...
Published: 08/06/14

Letters to the editor: Israel’s survival

Israel’s survival
Published: 08/05/14

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