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Saturday, Dec 20, 2014

Letters To The Editor

Letter of the Day: Additional access to facts would serve justice

Regarding “Jury rules fragile in digital era” (Metro, Dec. 6):
Published: 12/11/14

Letters to the editor: ‘Never managed’ — so?

‘Never managed’ — so?
Published: 12/10/14

People of faith treated with ‘contempt’

At this time of year, when Christians across Florida and America prepare for the coming celebration of Christ at Christmas, it is with great shock and horror to see that the Florida Department of Management Services would approve a satanic display de...
Published: 12/10/14

Letters to the editor: A simple fix for traffic woes

A simple fix
Published: 12/09/14

Letter of the day: Resisting arrest can have deadly consequences

At first glance, the video of Eric Garner’s fatal encounter with the police is a horrific one. But a second and more reasoned glance reveals an absolute fact. That is, that the degree of seriousness of a crime, or other illegal event, has abso...
Published: 12/09/14

Letters to the editor: Attack on believers

Attack on believers
Published: 12/08/14

Letter of the Day: Dolphin rehabilitation procedures need rehabilitating

Earlier this month, SeaWorld made its media rounds after reports that its attendance has dropped in the wake of the documentary “Blackfish” and corresponding activism against captive orcas. Unfortunately for the orca’s beloved re...
Published: 12/08/14

Letters to the editor: Unaffordable care act

Unaffordable care act
Published: 12/07/14

Letter of the Day: Time to forge new economic prosperity for region

Every day in the Tampa Bay area thousands of hardworking people get up, get ready for work and prepare their children for school. The day begins full of promise, betraying the truth that today’s work simply will not be enough. Today’s w...
Published: 12/07/14

Letters to the editor: Economic opportunities

Economic opportunities
Published: 12/06/14

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