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Friday, Jul 03, 2015

Letters To The Editor

Letter of the Day: Medical Marijuana program becoming costly for patients

The application process for Florida’s medical marijuana program, known as “Charlotte’s Web,” began last week. But how much will this program cost us? I have heard reports of needing $2.25 million to $5 million just to star...
Published: 06/24/15

Letters to the editor: Battling invasive exotics

Battling invasive exotics
Published: 06/24/15

Letter of the Day: Stand united

We are deeply saddened by the horrific crime that took place in South Carolina Wednesday night, and our hearts go out to the families of the victims and the community of Charleston. We are thankful for the swiftness with which government officials id...
Published: 06/23/15

Letters to the editor: Council overrules objections

Council overrules objections
Published: 06/23/15

Letters to the editor: Another Obamacare flaw

Another Obamacare flaw
Published: 06/22/15

Letter of the Day: A vote for Deborah Sampson

The new 10-dollar bill should have Deborah Sampson on it.
Published: 06/22/15

Letter of the day: ‘How did these problems get so bad?’

I have lived in Brandon my entire life. My business is in Apollo Beach. I attended the “Go Hillsborough” transportation meetings where they told us how horrible our roads are, how people can’t get jobs because of the traffic and ...
Published: 06/21/15

Letters to the editor: What happened to money?

What happened to money?
Published: 06/21/15

Letter of the Day: The gave it their all on the ice and on the street

The other day felt bittersweet as I removed my blue Lightning Bolts flag from my car window. I’ll miss that fluttering, rippling gentle breeze sound proclaiming my fan support wherever I travel. I believed all right. I still do.
Published: 06/20/15

Letters to the editor: Heart and soul

Heart and soul
Published: 06/20/15

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