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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: A day to remember

A day to remember
Published: 05/15/15

Letter of the Day: A vet’s best friends

There are times I hear veterans say the VA is not helping them. Here is my story of two fine gentlemen whose hearts are in the right place.
Published: 05/15/15

Letter of the Day: National Time Out Day

On June 10, National Time Out Day will be practiced in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers around the country.
Published: 05/14/15

Letters to the editor: Officers’ lives matter

Officers’ lives matter
Published: 05/13/15

Letter of the Day: Address mental health issues before stage four

May is Mental Health Month, and on behalf of our community’s children, parents, families and friends, we hope that advocates, leaders and policy makers will take this opportunity to invest in our community’s behavioral health. Mental He...
Published: 05/13/15

Letters to the editor: Pier Park doesn’t respect elders

Pier Park failings
Updated one month ago

Letter of the day: Beware of St. Pete’s attempt to tell private businesses who to hire

It is obvious the federal government continues to ram thousands of ridiculous regulations down our throats. The truth is that many local governments are far worse. We have become a nation that is run and dominated by bureaucrats. Yes, there always mu...
Updated one month ago

Letters to the editor: Here to help

Here to help
Updated one month ago

Letter of the Day: The pain of Obamacare

When I first heard about Obamacare, I was cautiously optimistic. I had no insurance and accumulated quite a bit of medical debt, so the thought of being covered was a relief. Little did I know problem after problem would occur, starting out at the ma...
Updated one month ago

Letters to the editor: Welcomes more Democrats

Welcomes more Democrats
Updated one month ago

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