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Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014

Letters To The Editor

Letter of the day: It’s called football — not ‘soccer’

For over a century the history of football has been “tainted” by America’s introduction of the word “soccer” into the mix. Taking a few steps back (to avoid tunnel vision), this is an indication that, in somewhat of...
Published: 07/12/14

Letter of the day: The gate — and gatekeepers — to democracy

Your July 4 editorial encouraging everyone to honor the Fourth and our Founders by resolving to vote was timely and apropos. However, there are several other actions we can take as we walk up the steps of democracy.
Published: 07/10/14

Letters to the editor: The dangers of socialism

The dangers of socialism
Published: 07/10/14

Letter of the day: A call for peace

Friday, as Americans all over the world celebrated our country breaking free from the shackles of tyranny and oppression, one Tampa Bay community prayed in sobering silence for a 15-year-old Tampa high school student, Tariq Khdeir. Tariq, a U.S. citi...
Published: 07/10/14

Letters to the editor: Forum rules questioned

Forum rules questioned
Published: 07/10/14

Letters to the editor: Fireworks law a dud

Fireworks law a dud
Published: 07/09/14

Letter of the day: The importance of clean water

Summer is here, and many of us are heading out to spend time on the water. We should be glad the Environmental Protection Agency has recently proposed a long-overdue rule that will safeguard water quality across the country.
Published: 07/08/14

Letters to the editor: ‘Vinikville’

Published: 07/08/14

Letters to the editor: Birth of a nation

Birth of a nation
Published: 07/07/14

Letter of the Day: The school board’s occupational hazard

I recently read Steve Otto’s great column on fixing our schools (“Let’s uncover the issues to fix schools,” Metro, June 30). His quote was: “You see it in those dreary school board meetings where the first order of ...
Published: 07/07/14

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