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Wednesday, Jul 01, 2015

Letters To The Editor

Letter of the day: ‘How did these problems get so bad?’

I have lived in Brandon my entire life. My business is in Apollo Beach. I attended the “Go Hillsborough” transportation meetings where they told us how horrible our roads are, how people can’t get jobs because of the traffic and ...
Published: 06/21/15

Letters to the editor: What happened to money?

What happened to money?
Published: 06/21/15

Letter of the Day: The gave it their all on the ice and on the street

The other day felt bittersweet as I removed my blue Lightning Bolts flag from my car window. I’ll miss that fluttering, rippling gentle breeze sound proclaiming my fan support wherever I travel. I believed all right. I still do.
Published: 06/20/15

Letters to the editor: Heart and soul

Heart and soul
Published: 06/20/15

In the cause of liberty, an alternative

The opinion pages of the Tampa Tribune have, over the years, given a great deal of space to journalists and letter writers who feel that the government should take action to regulate this, ban that and fund this other thing. If you would, I would ask...
Published: 06/19/15

Letters to the editor: Patience worn out

Patience worn out
Published: 06/19/15

Letters to the editor: Senators and governors

Senators and governors
Published: 06/18/15

Letter of the Day: Understanding and appreciating the ‘Real Florida’

I wanted to thank you for your editorial June 14 defending the importance of our state parks and conservation lands (“Don’t put state parks out to bid,” Our Views).
Published: 06/18/15

Letter of the day: Think outside the box when planning transportation

Regarding “Pragmatic approach to transportation” (Our Views, June 12): Are we overlooking a workplace trend that could impact urban transit as much as the urban freeways for the suburban commuter? It’s already happening as many w...
Published: 06/17/15

Letters to the editor: There’s more to Shawn Harrison’s vote on Medicaid expansion

Check the record
Published: 06/17/15

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