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Wednesday, Oct 01, 2014

Letters To The Editor

Letter of the Day: Professional athletes must be held to higher moral, ethical standard

The NFL, as well as all American professional sports, is widely held as symbolic examples of American values, entertainment and style. Professional athletes are in the public eye and reach idol status in American culture. Yet for all this they hold v...
Published: 09/21/14

Letters to the editor: Team approach

Team approach
Published: 09/21/14

The heart and desire behind the badge

As a co-founder of the spouse support group Badgewives, I would like to take the opportunity to publicly thank all the law enforcement officers who work hard every day to protect our families and our communities. This is an appropriate time to share ...
Published: 09/20/14

Letters to the editor: The danger of doing nothing

Doing nothing dangerous
Published: 09/20/14

Letters to the editor: Gassed in Pasco

Gassed in Pasco
Published: 09/19/14

Letter of the Day: Taking issue with observations from Oklahoma

I read the letter to the editor from an Okie from Marlboro, Oklahoma, stating Tampa needs to address three negatives (Letter of the Day, Sept. 14). Apparently, this man has only been to one large metropolitan area — that would be Tampa. Having...
Published: 09/19/14

Letters to the editor: Being able to vote

Being able to vote
Published: 09/18/14

Letter of the Day: Why the electorate is unmotivated

Regarding “Faceoff Early Voting” (Sept. 15):
Published: 09/18/14

Letter of the Day: Reducing the footprint of the ‘marketplace’

Regarding: “Why political campaign contributions should be secret” (Other Views, Sept. 13): Once again, a couple of academic policy wonks, one a former Washington lobbyist, have come forward with a proposal to fix our allegedly flawed s...
Published: 09/17/14

Letters to the editor: ISIS or ISIL?

Published: 09/17/14

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