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Wednesday, Oct 01, 2014

Letters To The Editor

Patching the Titanic so it can get to port

Regarding Tuesday’s article about tax fraud and the inability of the IRS to verify W-2 wages (“Tax fraud solution could slow refunds,” front page), there is a temporary, albeit incomplete, fix that could be put into place almost ...
Published: 09/26/14

Letters to the editor: Proud to be American

Proud to be American
Published: 09/26/14

Some perspective about the Bucs’ rough start

Our Bucs took an ugly trouncing Sept. 18 before a national audience. It’s natural for us local fans to be frustrated because it means we care. We care about our football team, about our hometown on the national stage and, of course, we want to...
Published: 09/25/14

Letters to the editor: Passing responsibility

Passing responsibility
Published: 09/25/14

Letter of the Day : Tired of the political ‘stalking’

I have never voted liberal in my life, nor have I ever voted for a Democrat for anything, local or national. The Democratic National Committee has my email address. The only place it could have gotten it was from the voting records. The past three we...
Published: 09/24/14

Letters to the editor: Sold out only once

Sold out only once
Published: 09/24/14

Letter of the Day: Good riddance to ‘till death do you pay’

Regarding “Permanent alimony: Family isn’t always fair, but it still matters” (Views, Sept. 14): Unlike Megan McArdle, I wholeheartedly applaud Gov. Chris Christie’s abolition of permanent alimony in New Jersey. Good ridda...
Published: 09/23/14

Letters to the editor: Lifesaving immunizations

Lifesaving immunizations
Published: 09/23/14

Letters to the editor: The president’s visit

The president’s visit
Published: 09/22/14

Letter of the Day: If you can’t pledge allegiance, can you really serve country?

I was dismayed to read the article regarding the Air Force’s decision to allow airmen to edit their patriotic oath when joining, in the Sept. 18 Tribune (Nation & World). I would imagine that back in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea and any oth...
Published: 09/22/14

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