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Saturday, Apr 18, 2015

Letters To The Editor

Letter of the Day: Saluting Red Cross volunteers

The American Red Cross of Tampa Bay is honoring its volunteers and the work they do in the community during National Volunteer Week this week.
Published: 04/14/15

Letters to the editor: Carrying out founders’ intent

The founders’ intent
Published: 04/14/15

Letter of the Day: Bringing healthy food to ‘food deserts’

Going to the grocery store is something most of us take for granted. But for 29.7 million people in America who live in food deserts — areas where it is difficult to buy affordable, healthy food — that trip to the grocery store is anyth...
Published: 04/13/15

Letters to the editor: The other side

The other side
Published: 04/13/15

Letters to the editor: The gold mine and the shaft

The gold mine and the shaft
Published: 04/12/15

Letter of the Day: The challenging life of a HART bus operator

As a HART bus operator, I would like to thank you for recently pointing out that, of the 50,000 rides we give people everyday, 49,993 of them are satisfactory. Seven people a day are dissatisfied, and I can tell you firsthand that management takes th...
Published: 04/12/15

Letters to the editor: It’ll get fixed

It’ll get fixed
Published: 04/11/15

Letter of the Day: The devastating effects of Alzheimer’s

My wife was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment in 2006. I took her to USF in early 2007 for an evaluation by the mental disease doctors there. They examined her and said she does have MCI due to vascular dementia. I called the Mayo Clinic in Ro...
Published: 04/11/15

Letter of the Day: Our next president

The race is on! A year and a half before we pick another president, and we already have candidates declaring their candidacies. It gives us plenty of time to decide what we want in a president. Please, no more junior senators whose only credentials i...
Published: 04/10/15

Letters to the editor: On the clocks

Iran on the clocks
Published: 04/10/15

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