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Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014

Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: A daily 9/11

A daily 9/11
Published: 07/17/14

Letters to the editor: Dreamers and ‘Tampa Live’

Dreamers and ‘Tampa Live’
Published: 07/16/14

Send troops to secure our border — now

Extreme-right Republicans are not being reasonable when they insist on jailing or deporting illegal immigrants. It is not reasonable because it will cost billions of dollars to search out, round up, process and transport 12 to 13 million illegal immi...
Published: 07/16/14

Letter of the day: Is our immigration policy fair?

It piques my interest why the aliens from South America, mostly children, are called illegal immigrants, but the hundreds of thousands of Cubans who arrive here are called “refugees.” Is it because they are considered political refugees...
Published: 07/15/14

Letters to the editor: Making strides

PTC making strides
Published: 07/15/14

Letters to the editor: More lanes needed

More lanes needed
Published: 07/14/14

Letter of the day: An idea from abroad

I read an interesting article about Germany planning to charge foreign drivers a toll.
Published: 07/14/14

Letters to the editor: Park lands in jeopardy?

Protect sanctity of parks
Published: 07/13/14

Steve Otto has walked the walk

As a disclaimer, I’ve known Steve Otto for about 30 years. However, I still want to convey what he’s meant to me and countless other people, not only through his column but through an article he once wrote about volunteers who “W...
Published: 07/13/14

Letters to the editor: Tough time at tax office

Tough time at tax office
Published: 07/12/14

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