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Sunday, Jul 05, 2015

Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Unjust coercion?

Unjust coercion?
Published: 06/30/15

Letter of the Day: Marriage, history and society

Even the most cursory study of the history of marriage tells us that marriage has always been shaped by society and will always change, just as societies’ structure and goals change. Ancient cultures saw the need for a system to assure the per...
Published: 06/30/15

Letter of the Day: A symbol of racism and bigotry

In response to “Giant rebel flag visible from I-75 draws scorn (front page, June 23): From the very beginning the Confederate flag has stood for bigotry and racism. Confederate Vice President Alexander H. Stephens said, “Our new governm...
Published: 06/29/15

Letters to the editor:

A teaching moment
Published: 06/29/15

Letters to the editor: An unforgettable tour

An unforgettable tour
Published: 06/28/15

Letter of the Day: He left no rock unturned at USF

The professional wrestling world was saddened when we lost Dusty Rhodes earlier this month, but the University of South Florida is also brokenhearted that it is losing, via retirement after 50 years, the legendary USF promoter and fundraiser Joe Toma...
Published: 06/28/15

Letters to the editor: True patriots

‘True patriots’
Published: 06/27/15

Letter of the Day: Bring it down

It is past time for the Confederate flag to come down from everywhere it flies, including the huge one flying high near I-75 in Hillsborough County. I feel so sad every time I see it as I’m driving by.
Published: 06/27/15

Letters to the editor: Trust but verify

Demand more
Published: 06/26/15

Letter of the Day: Reasonable response needed to Charleston massacre

With tragedy comes opportunity. We have missed too many historical opportunities in the past decade. Let the Charleston massacre result in an actual, reasonable response.
Published: 06/26/15

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