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Monday, Jun 01, 2015

Letters To The Editor

Letter of the Day: Sunshine State should be the ‘Solar State’

Let’s suspend for a moment the arguments about global warming, whether it’s really happening and whether or not man is contributing. Focus instead on the amount of waste we Earthlings generate each day burning fossil fuels to commute, t...
Published: 06/01/15

Letters to the editor: Ridesharing ‘red herring’

Ridesharing ‘red herring’
Published: 06/01/15

Letters to the editor: Don’t even bother

Don’t even bother
Published: 05/31/15

Letter of the Day: A prayer for Tampa

I was at the first town hall meeting about our city’s need to change the behavior of young men, and guns and policing in predominantly poor neighborhoods. I should have written then.
Published: 05/31/15

Letters to the editor: Open the doors

Open the doors
Published: 05/30/15

Letter of the Day: How about reducing insurance rates?

When Florida was hit by Hurricane Wilma in 2005, property insurance companies raised their rates on policies because they said the damage from Wilma cost them profits. But based on the article in the May 26 Tribune (“Experts tie hurricanes to ...
Published: 05/30/15

Letter of the Day: Changing the way we operate and work

The Clinton Foundation’s fundraising efforts prove that money has no smell. Most people will accept it from any source. It does raise the question: Why, when our country has to borrow money because taxes are insufficient to fund the government...
Published: 05/29/15

Letters to the editor: Outstanding job

Outstanding job
Published: 05/29/15

Letters to the editor: Wait a second

Wait a second
Published: 05/28/15

Letter of the Day: Do the right thing for all Floridians

Being passionate about education is a trait I share with Gov. Rick Scott. Every student should have the opportunity to a superior education. Throughout my life, I have developed a deep appreciation for the value of a good education, which has led me ...
Published: 05/28/15

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