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Saturday, Aug 30, 2014

Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Quite simple, actually

Quite simple, actually
Updated: 23 hours ago

Law enforcement or shakedown?

Last week Attorney General Eric Holder announced a “historic” settlement of $16.5 billion with Bank of America. The Justice Department had sued Bank of America along with several other lenders for alleged misdeeds during the residential...
Updated: 23 hours ago

Please, do not bother to call or write me

With Primary Day now past, I hope that both my telephone and my mailbox will get a rest from political ads and messages. Most intelligent people actually decide how they are going to vote and pay no attention to all the garbage thrust upon them. Poli...
Published: 08/29/14

Letters to the editor: Medication can help

Medication can help
Published: 08/29/14

Letters to the editor: ‘Denier propaganda’

‘Denier propaganda’
Published: 08/28/14

On climate change, don’t wait until we get hit by the iceberg

Reading climate science advice by Tom Jackson makes me happy he is not a financial or medical adviser (“Climate professors and Rick Scott’s sphinxian agenda,” The Right Stuff, Aug. 24).
Published: 08/28/14

Voices of protest have not subsided

Thank you for your Letter of the Day, “Where are today’s protest songs?” (Your Views, Aug. 22). I would like to inform the writer, J.P. Stakun, that protest songs are alive and well at our community-owned, non-commercial radio s...
Published: 08/27/14

Letters to the editor: Don’t need a weatherman

Don’t need a weatherman
Published: 08/27/14

Time to slow down charter school train?

In response to “Charter school choice” (Your Views, Aug. 8), Stacy Ulrey Regan writes very emphatically as a satisfied parent with a child at Winthrop Charter School in Riverview. She criticizes Superintendent MaryEllen Elia for “...
Published: 08/26/14

Letter to the editor: Improve VA phone service

Improve VA phone service
Published: 08/26/14

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