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Saturday, Dec 20, 2014

Letters To The Editor

Letter of the day: Class sizes not to blame for public school failures

Regarding the editorial “Revisit class-size amendment” (Our Views, Dec. 15):
Published: 12/20/14

Letters to the editor: Write-in candidate is no joke to serious voters

Open primaries
Published: 12/20/14

Letters to the editor: Dialogue needed

Dialogue needed
Published: 12/19/14

Letter of the day: Same-sex supporters infringe on religious freedoms

Regarding “Same-sex ban” (Your Views, Dec. 9): The letter writer’s opinion about the same-sex issue in Florida is double-minded. She expresses the desire to have “folks just agree to disagree, yet stop short of infringing ...
Published: 12/19/14

Letters to the editor: DROP continues to burn taxpayers

I read Matt Dixon’s story “Taxpayers will pay prison chief twice” in Sunday’s Metro section, and my first thought was, “What a boondoggle!” Paying state government retirees to return to work for state governm...
Published: 12/17/14

Letters to the editor: ‘They are terrorists’

‘They are terrorists’
Published: 12/17/14

Letter of the Day: In America, there are still two sides to every story

In response to Joe Henderson’s column on Nov. 30 (“This story definitely has two sides”), he describes Florida Senate Bill 96, sponsored by Sen. Alan Hays, which has been given the name “Patriotic Film Screening.” T...
Published: 12/17/14

Letters to the editor: Neighborhood beacon

Neighborhood beacon
Published: 12/17/14

Letters to the editor: Waterboarding and drones

Waterboarding and drones
Published: 12/16/14

Letter of the Day: Let’s keep the word ‘torture’ in perspective

In today’s age of hyper-political correctness, when most everyone is loathe hurting anyone else’s feelings, children are given trophies for coming in last for fear of damaging psyche, and dodge ball is banned because someone might recei...
Published: 12/16/14

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