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Friday, Oct 31, 2014

Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Amendment 3 con

Amendment 3 con
Updated: 18 hours ago

Letter of the Day: Amendment 1 consistent with principles in constitution

The Florida Constitution reads: “It shall be the policy of the state to conserve and protect its natural resources and scenic beauty. Adequate provision shall be made by law for the conservation and protection of natural resources.”
Updated: 18 hours ago

Letter of the Day: Turn back the clock; turn down rhetoric

Turn the clock back to the ’90’s. The public is panicked over the AIDS epidemic. The media have us so scared that we won’t touch banisters or sit on public toilet seats. In my office, we are compelled to wrap virtually everything...
Published: 10/30/14

Letters to the editor: Obama-Reid cocktail

Obama-Reid cocktail
Published: 10/30/14

Letters to the editor: Fasano’s allegiance

Fasano’s allegiance
Published: 10/29/14

Letter of the Day: Protecting pristine remnant of Old Florida

In my opinion, the Army Corps of Engineers made the correct decision in denying the permit to dredge the SunWest channel in Pasco County. I have studied the geology and ecology of this coastal area for the past 10 years. The channel in question is di...
Published: 10/29/14

Letters to the editor: Sky won’t fall if pot amendment passes

Sky won’t fall
Published: 10/28/14

Letter of the day: Return to goody goody old days

Being born and raised in Tampa, I welcome and savor the thought of sinking my teeth once more into a Goody Goody hamburger and a slice of butterscotch pie and slurping down a thick milkshake in one of those old wooden high chairs with the tables atta...
Published: 10/28/14

Letter of the day: Don’t raise gas tax

One can always expect a liberal to find a taxing way to annoy citizens, particularly the taxpayers. The Oct. 21 Bloomberg Views column calls for an increase in the gasoline tax “as the price of oil falls.” Don’t you know this ups...
Published: 10/27/14

Letters to the editor: Soil and Water board needed in Hillsborough

Soil board matters
Published: 10/27/14

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