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Saturday, Aug 01, 2015

Letters To The Editor

Letter of the Day: The Bucs’ shining example

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have returned to training camp in preparation for their upcoming season. Thousands of loyal fans will converge on One Buc today to cheer on our team in hopes of a better outcome than we experienced last year. There will be ch...
Published: 08/01/15

Letters to the editor: Deserves jail time

Deserves jail time
Published: 08/01/15

Letter of the Day: The fear of normalcy

What occurred in Lafayette was a tragedy, but what is occurring in its aftermath across the nation is simply atrocious and despicable. The events that have plagued this nation too many times, from California to Colorado and South Carolina to Sandy Ho...
Published: 07/31/15

Letters to the editor: Arts help drive economy

Arts help drive economy
Published: 07/31/15

Letter of the Day: Fairness and respect for Florida’s manufactured home owners

An unintended consequence of the Dodd-Frank Act is that lending on conventional housing under $50,000 has tightened dramatically. This hits particularly hard the most affordable pre-HUD code mobile homes (homes built pre-June 15, 1976), and the earli...
Published: 07/30/15

Letters to the editor: Made for tours

Made for tours
Published: 07/30/15

Letters to the editor: Has to be another way

Has to be another way
Published: 07/29/15

Letter of the Day: Colleges vs. universities

Colleges and universities serve two different means of approaching the same goal. That goal is the ability to have the knowledge and credentials to be able to acquire a paid position in a person’s preferred field. A university traditionally of...
Published: 07/29/15

Letter of the Day: What I want to hear from the candidates

Many times the candidate who is the loudest and fastest talker wins the election. That doesn’t guarantee that we get the best candidate. Talk and slogans don’t produce a vibrant economy, battle Islamic State, solve immigration problems ...
Published: 07/28/15

Letter of the Day: The Ashley Madison lesson

The popular extramarital website Ashley Madison, which ranks Tampa third in the nation for affairs, was hacked last weekend. With a reported 37 million users, the hackers’ threat to release personal information that includes names, addresses, ...
Published: 07/27/15

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