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Thursday, Apr 24, 2014

Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Get off your knees

Get off your knees
Published: 04/24/14

Hispanics’ trailblazing efforts trampled on

Regarding “Quick, hide the flag before you offend anyone” (John Grant, Other Views, April 20): As a 75-year-old American of Mexican ethnicity, I strongly agree with Grant’s commentary. I did not serve 20 years in the military to ...
Published: 04/24/14

Letters to the editor: ‘Legislatum Creatum’

‘Legislatum Creatum’
Published: 04/23/14

Everyone should help pay for this Republican mandate

In 1986, when Congress wrote the legislation and Ronald Reagan signed it into law, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act contained a mandate that every person in the United States, including illegal aliens, must receive medical treatment...
Published: 04/23/14

Earth Day marks time to take a stand

On Earth Day we are reminded that, historically, the greatest improvements in life expectancy and quality of life have been due to advances in environmental public health. As medical students, we feel that the protection of our environment remains cr...
Published: 04/22/14

Letters to the editor: Listen to the merchants

Listen to the merchants
Published: 04/22/14

Letters to the editor: Think hard about it

Think hard about it
Published: 04/21/14

Suggested conditions for the ‘lifted ceiling’

As a Catholic nun with a vow of poverty, I’m not supposed to concern myself about money. As it happens, though, I’ve been working in the nonprofit world for over 35 years. And in addition to working with social issues (in my case, child...
Published: 04/21/14

Obamacare will harm the doctor-patient relationship

Obamacare continues to be a big topic on your opinion page. We need to examine how it will affect our lives. Obamacare will provide coverage to a few million Americans who could not obtain coverage under our previous health insurance system, but Obam...
Published: 04/20/14

Letters to the editor: Not automatic

Not automatic
Published: 04/20/14

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