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Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014

Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: A learning experience

A learning experience
Published: 04/15/14

Weatherford’s legacy: A $2 billion hit to taxpayers?

Will Weatherford’s term serving the Florida House of Representatives as the presiding officer is coming to a close. He is at a fork in the road. He has had an outstanding career. What will be his legacy?
Published: 04/15/14

Letters to the editor: Political exploitation

Political exploitation
Published: 04/14/14

The real agenda

In an age where sound bites and headlines are about as deep as the news gets for many people, checking facts has become blithely excessive. So why not just jump on the reasonable-sounding bandwagon fable the media have spun to create millions of more...
Published: 04/14/14

Letters to the editor: Castro’s mistake

Castro’s mistake
Published: 04/13/14

It’s time to put down the IRS monster

One hundred years and two months ago Congress ratified the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, implementing a tax on personal and business income. The time has come to repeal that amendment, just as was done with the unpopular 18th Amendment.
Published: 04/13/14

Letters to the editor: The gift of helping others

The gift of helping others
Published: 04/12/14

Bills target ‘valuable consumer protections’

Regarding “Put end to PTC regulatory abuse” (Our Views, March 28):
Published: 04/12/14

Support desalination for a better water supply

I am a geology student writing to you and U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor in support of H.R. 745, which is pending in Congress and provides for further funding for research and development of freshwater options through desalination.
Published: 04/11/14

Letters to the editor: Too many differences

Too many differences
Published: 04/11/14

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