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Wednesday, Oct 01, 2014

Letters To The Editor

Celebrate the services we take for granted

Dial 911, and help will arrive. Turn on the faucet, and clean water flows. Flush the toilet, and waste disappears.
Published: 10/01/14

Letters to the editor: Pols and singers

Pols and singers
Published: 10/01/14

Setting standards for others

Regarding “Hold professional athletes to higher standards” (Letter of the Day, Sept. 21):
Published: 09/30/14

Letters to the editor: A champion

A champion
Published: 09/30/14

Letters to the editor: Competition

Published: 09/29/14

Letter of the Day: Wrong way on the freeway

Problem: Wrong way on the freeway!
Published: 09/29/14

Letter of the Day: Stop ‘blatant abuse’ of service-animal system

Over the past few years there has been a significant increase in the number of dogs being taken into public places such as movie theaters, restaurants and, most disturbing, hospitals. The owners of these dogs are claiming the animals are “ser...
Published: 09/28/14

Letters to the editor: Stopping wrong-way crashes

Wrong-way crashes
Published: 09/28/14

Believing in television once again

Every so often, television gets it right. And this was certainly the case last week when PBS and masterful, Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Ken Burns teamed up to present the seven-part series, “The Roosevelt’s: An Intimate His...
Published: 09/27/14

Letters to the editor: Not a ‘patriotic’ oath

Religious views irrelevant
Published: 09/27/14

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