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Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014

Letters To The Editor

‘Yes, we are cranky’

It must be nice to live in La La Land (“Cheer up, America,” Paula Dockery, Aug. 17). In her op-ed she cites all the wonderful things we should be cheered up by. I am, by most accounts, a very positive person, but I am also a realist. Wh...
Published: 08/20/14

Letters to the editor: Bad experience

Bad experience
Published: 08/20/14

The heart of the matter in behavioral health

People the world over are grieving the loss of Robin Williams — his gifts to us warrant that — and much has been written about his death. The Tribune ran Simon Jenkins’ “The sadness of a clown who could not be fixed”...
Published: 08/19/14

Letters to the editor: Face the hard truth

Face the hard truth
Published: 08/19/14

Manatee review must include all facts and threats

In response to a lawsuit by the Pacific Legal Foundation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided downlisting manatees from endangered to threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act may be warranted, and the agency is embarking on a fi...
Published: 08/18/14

Letters to the editor: Column ‘disgusting’

Will find another source
Published: 08/18/14

Letters to the editor: Wrong question

Deadly prohibition
Published: 08/17/14

Letters to the editor: Cut-and-paste

Published: 08/16/14

Support the Middle East’s ‘Little America’

The other day I listened to an interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and it quickly became very clear why we need to support Israel 100 percent and not be working behind closed doors to get it to pull back and concede more territory. This...
Published: 08/16/14

Letters to the editor: Scary charges

Scary charges
Published: 08/14/14

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