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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Letters To The Editor

Letter of the Day: St. Pete’s mishandling of the Rays stadium issue

The excellent story “Attendance puts Rays dead last” (front page, May 23) and the St. Petersburg City Council’s intent to study more about what to do with the land on which Tropicana Field sits led me to this conclusion: Just lik...
Published: 05/27/15

Letters to the editor: Anchor Gayle Sierens worked behind scenes

Farewell, Gayle
Published: 05/27/15

Letter of the Day: Honor our fallen warriors by recognizing Fort Homer Hesterly Armory’s past

With the $4 million gift from the Glazer family, the new Jewish Community Center is now headed toward becoming an outstanding icon in our area. The old Fort Homer Hesterly Armory will be returned to its former glory with public-serving amenities maki...
Published: 05/24/15

Letters to the editor: Misplaced blame for Obamacare’s failures

Misplaced blame
Published: 05/24/15

Letter of the day: We’re in danger if Patriot Act protections lapse

The Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is urging Senate leaders to pass legislation that will reauthorize the expiring provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act. Representing 8,500 current and former FBI Agents, the socie...
Published: 05/23/15

Letters to the editor: Raising the minimum wage not so simple

Wage hike burden
Published: 05/23/15

Letter of the day: Investing in our children pays dividends

Regarding the article, “Growing up poor in Hillsborough? It’s going to cost you” (front page, May 5): It highlights poverty issues in Hillsborough County and ranks it as one of the most difficult in the country for children to ri...
Published: 05/22/15

Letters to the editor: Hey, Lens opponents, relax, you won

Hey, you won
Published: 05/22/15

Letter of the Day: Rick Scott’s health care travesty

My friend of 40 years has cancer. He was recently diagnosed but in reality has had it for some time. It’s the type of cancer that, with an early diagnosis with the help of a chest X-ray, has a better outcome. He doesn’t have that outcom...
Published: 05/21/15

Letters to the editor: Free-trade advocates hide the facts

Free-trade facts
Published: 05/21/15

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