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Sunday, Apr 20, 2014

Letters To The Editor

Obamacare will harm the doctor-patient relationship

Obamacare continues to be a big topic on your opinion page. We need to examine how it will affect our lives. Obamacare will provide coverage to a few million Americans who could not obtain coverage under our previous health insurance system, but Obam...
Published: 04/20/14

Letters to the editor: Not automatic

Not automatic
Published: 04/20/14

Letters to the editor: Not worth it

Not worth it
Published: 04/19/14

The power of heartfelt giving

Regarding “Amanda’s giving heart” (front page, April 13):
Published: 04/19/14

Eroding freedom and intimidating citizens

Last night I watched the pilot of “TURN.” This is the story of the American Revolution against the abuses of the colonies by the king and British government. It struck me that the parallels between that historical story and what’...
Published: 04/18/14

Letters to the editor: Doctrinal horse before cart?

Doctrinal horse before cart?
Published: 04/18/14

Let us march for life

Regarding “The issue is life — nothing more, nothing less, nothing else” (Views, April 13):
Published: 04/17/14

Letters to the editor: Wasted chances at plate

Wasted chances at plate
Published: 04/17/14

The power of labor

“Union negatives” (Our Views, April 10) mistakenly assumes that unions are no longer necessary. That view is contradicted by the fact that our government seems to think that we need to legislate a minimum wage. If the people in need of ...
Published: 04/16/14

Letters to the editor: Distorted view

Distorted view
Published: 04/16/14

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