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Friday, Mar 27, 2015
Letter of the Day

Where’s Hillsborough’s rainy-season fertilizer ban?


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Effective this past June 1, the city of Tampa and Pinellas County prohibited the sale and application of nitrogen-based lawn fertilizers during the rainy season. The runoff causes algae growth and oxygen deletion in our waterways, as well as fish kills.

Scientists, biologists and the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, etc., have confirmed this time and time again.

I live in a waterfront community with freshwater lakes and canals. Our water is now showing the damaging effects of what this poison can do.

We are now bearing the expense of trying to clean it up.

What really astonishes me is that 40 other local governments have also passed summertime restrictions on nitrogen-based fertilizers despite intense opposition from fertilizer lobbyists and yard maintenance companies.

My question: Why not Hillsborough County? Are our commissioners that weak, or can I assume the obvious?

Ron Danner


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