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Monday, Mar 30, 2015
Letter of the Day

Stay out of Middle East wars


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We should all be saying, "Here we go again." Why do we continue to involve ourselves in the Middle East wars? They never seem to turn out well after we spend enormous amounts of borrowed money and forfeit thousands of American lives for little, if any, gain.

In the first Iraq war, we successfully forced the aggressors out of Kuwait. For what? Why don't other nations in the region help Kuwait if they need help?

Then we kicked the Taliban out of Afghanistan only to have them return to their opium farms when we left.

We then invaded Iraq, arranged for the hanging of Hussein, killed his sons and then stayed on for years of nation building. We now have huge war debts, thousands of casualties, thousands of disabled vets and for what? How smart was that? If it were a just war, wouldn't it be much smarter to bomb it into a parking lot and walk away?

Then we lead from behind and furnish air power to Libya, and our thanks is to have our embassy burned and our ambassador and three others murdered.

We backed the opposition in Egypt, and now they have a government that allows the burning of our flag while accepting aid from the U.S.

So we now will be borrowing money from China to arm the rebels in Syria to fight the Syrian government that's backed by China. Brilliance squared.

I surely do hope the U.S. doesn't try picking horses.

Henry Conrad

Plant City

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