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Saturday, Sep 20, 2014
Letter of the Day

Serious and dedicated new citizens


The photo of soon-to-be naturalized citizens taking the Oath of Allegiance that was in the Tribune Aug. 22 really lifted my spirits in a week filled with reports of hateful political lies, the Ferguson killing/riots and the KKK in Florida.

We gained about 250 new citizens from 53 countries. All of the 50 some people pictured had expressions of seriousness and dedication. All were dressed properly. None had crazy or colored hair styles, and none were making stupid hand or body signals. These are people who appreciate the USA and will work hard to contribute to society as well as themselves.

We should welcome these immigrants who will help restore our country morally and economically. Perhaps there should be more concentration on attracting this type of citizen and keeping students educated here — and less on the impossible idea of a successfully closed Mexican border.

Joye Gasser

Sun City Center

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