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Friday, Sep 19, 2014
Letter of the Day

On climate change, don’t wait until we get hit by the iceberg


Reading climate science advice by Tom Jackson makes me happy he is not a financial or medical adviser (“Climate professors and Rick Scott’s sphinxian agenda,” The Right Stuff, Aug. 24).

With his outlook on economics, we would base our financial plan on yesterday’s sales, ignoring the long-term performance and trend; and preventive medicine would be a waste because he wasn’t sick last week. Science does not base its conclusions on short-term or anecdotal evidence; rather, it draws conclusions looking at evidence and trends.

Because downtown Tampa will not be under water tomorrow does not mean it won’t be in a few hundred years. Jackson would advise that there is no worry because it won’t affect him or any of us. Just as his advice on the development of alternate energy would have us wait until we run out of coal and oil, he would have us wait until the ship sinks before realizing there are not enough lifeboats (remember the Titanic).

Jackson would have us wait until we hit the iceberg.

Maybe climate change is beyond our control, and maybe there is some degree of change that we can influence. Think about the future! Thinking only about the moment will guarantee that there will be no future.

Carl L. Zielonka


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