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Saturday, Aug 23, 2014
Letter of the Day

Letter of the day: Parenthood a greater joy than material gains


Regarding “Staying childless is right decision for many women” (Baylife, Dec. 22): The article projects that children are perhaps a burden, an afterthought, and not worth the trouble of raising. Yes, a parent’s job never ends. But the joy in life is to watch them grow and see what God has in store for them, as his plans for us are to be fruitful and to multiply.

In our world today we are so busy reaching for the perfect job with a good salary and position, a fancy house, cars and toys. One of the biggest joys in life for me is having four beautiful children. Yes, it was tough, and there were many struggles along the way. But I would not change it for anything. I don’t look at them as being my caretakers, but what they can help contribute to this troubled world we are in. Perhaps a pastor, a missionary or doctor who finds a cure for cancer. During this time of year we should remember what the beautiful message of Christmas is about, “For unto us a child is born,” and the sacrifice Mary and Joseph went through for our salvation.

Judy Cress