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Tuesday, Sep 02, 2014
Letter of the Day

‘Hypocrisy at its greatest’


What I find more deplorable than the reported delays of care for veterans at the VA, which I too have experienced and reported internally and externally, is the gross inactivity and negligence of our elected officials who have now all joined the bandwagon of people demanding an investigation, a fix and a search for someone to hold accountable. Hypocrisy at its greatest, as I see it. Pure bunk!

I have been writing to my elected representatives (U.S. Senate and House) for years denoting this very problem of delayed care. Most, if not all, of my letters have gone unanswered, or replied to with a form letter that does not even address the issue or my allegations. I know they got the letters because I sent them via three methods. Yes, regular mail, faxes to their offices and via certified mail. I have copies to verify my claim.

While we are looking into this concern, let’s fix the entire problem and hold all those accountable to make sure those in need of deserved help get timely and adequate care.

Stanley G. Gray


The writer is a service-connected disabled veteran.

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