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Tuesday, Jul 29, 2014
Letter of the Day

Commandments of texting needed?


With all the attention on the shooting in Wesley Chapel over texting in the theater, I was wondering whether we needed a societal Ten Commandments of texting.

Here for consideration is a start:

1. Thou shall not text in church. (You should be praying to your deity.)

2. Thou shall not text in bathrooms. (Need I explain this one?)

3. Thou shall not text while driving any vehicle.

4. Thou shall not text when attending any paid indoor show.

5. Thou shall not text when in a courtroom.

This is a start. We need to have some rules regarding this new technology, and although I think we can all agree the punishment need not be death, maybe we could establish a fine with the proceeds going to find a cure for cancer.

This is submitted to get society to start talking and get our lawmakers to address the issue. It’s open for debate.

Gerald A. Cerveny Sr.