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Wednesday, Jul 30, 2014

Letter of the Day

Letter of the Day: A few words that say it all

“Still, the feds — and the public — should look beyond raw numbers. Minority students do have higher rates for being disciplined, as well as dropping out of school. But a higher percentage live in poverty and begin school classif...
Updated: 19 hours ago

Letter of the Day: Helping people with sickle cell anemia

Sickle cell anemia is a serious, lifelong disease. While it can’t be cured, treatments and monitoring help keep it in check.
Published: 07/28/14

Smoking out unfairness of new cigar law

This might be legal and would resolve the problem facing Tampa’s J.C. Newman Cigar Co. and other cigar manufacturers.
Published: 07/28/14

Letter of the Day: More needs to be done for victims of human trafficking

Human Trafficking is a global epidemic. The State Department and the Florida Legislature have said that human trafficking is modern-day slavery. Every state in the United States has reported cases of human trafficking.
Published: 07/27/14

Letter of the Day: Heartless or brainless?

Are people just heartless or brainless?
Published: 07/26/14

Letter of the day: 24 years after ADA passage, issues remain

This month marks the 24th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It’s a civil rights law that seeks to eliminate discrimination against people based on their disability.
Published: 07/25/14

Letter of the Day: Protecting what’s left of ‘Real Florida’

This letter is in response to “Need for campsites” by Pam Clouston (Your Views, July 19). I believe she missed the point of George Apthorp’s letter “Protect sanctity of parks” (Your Views, July 13). He was concerned...
Published: 07/24/14

Letter of the Day: Persuade your representatives

Many letters to this paper express understandable and valid frustration with the current political climate. However, too often they labor under misconceptions.
Published: 07/23/14

Dreading more firebombs on New Year’s Eve

In response to the “Stop the fireworks” letter from Kathie Williams (Your Views, July 11): Just to let the writer know, she is among the majority who feel as she does about illegal fireworks. There is a law in Florida concerning usage o...
Published: 07/22/14

Letter of the Day: What would you do?

What if you fled a war and were prohibited from returning to your home? What would you do if you were told to vacate your home or be forced to leave? What would you do if your family didn’t leave their home and was massacred so settlers could ...
Published: 07/21/14