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Saturday, Apr 25, 2015

Letter of the Day

Letter of the Day: Pasco County faces recycling blues

Twenty-five years ago I was involved in managing Pasco County Solid Waste. The county commissioners and their staff knew its landfills were filling up faster than anticipated and were getting more expensive to construct, manage, monitor and close. Th...
Published: 04/25/15

Letter of the Day: Support research, resources to cure Parkinson’s disease

It was a twitch in his pinky finger that would later be recognized as one of the first signs that Parkinson’s disease had entered his life. It was my dad I am referring to, and like many people, he just hoped it would go away. It wasn’t...
Published: 04/24/15

Letter of the Day: Students and the three-legged stool

Regarding “Atlanta scandal offers educators, lawmakers lessons,” Joe Brown, April 16): Thanks for your column. You’re savvy enough to get it, and I thank you for saying it in print. The three-legged stool analogy is one that I us...
Published: 04/23/15

Letter of the Day: Delivering a bad message

I hope we learned a lesson last week when the Florida mailman piloted his gyrocopter onto the front lawn of the U.S. Capitol. All the talking heads were giving their opinion and calling for a department head change on the Sunday morning talk shows. T...
Published: 04/22/15

Letter of the day: Children’s lives depend on reforming food aid system

Reforming the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and changing the reliance on current methods for food aid, is a matter of life and death for millions of children. For this reason, the Foreign Relations Committee recently con...
Published: 04/21/15

Letter of the Day: For pedestrian safety, treat crosswalks as yield sign

We need to print signs and place them on everyone’s windshield: “Pedestrian’s have right of way in marked crosswalks.”
Published: 04/20/15

Letter of the Day: Don’t let children get caught in political crossfire

Florida has successfully operated tax credit education scholarships for 13 years. More than 70,000 underprivileged students throughout Florida currently benefit from these scholarships, which provide important school choice options. These students, w...
Published: 04/18/15

Letter of the Day: Don’t ruin beauty of causeway trail

One of my favorite places in Tampa is the trail at the Courtney Campbell Causeway. I try to walk three or four miles there several times a week. I love looking out at the bay and always watch for dolphins, manatees, turtles, jumping fish and beautifu...
Published: 04/18/15

Join the fight against human trafficking

Thank you so much for continuing to address the reality of human trafficking in our community through Joe Brown’s column on April 12 (“Human trafficking is still hitting close to home,” Metro). He is right on spot!
Published: 04/17/15

Letter of the Day: A strong and honest message to the world

Pope Francis’ recent statement regarding the slaughter of Armenians by the Ottoman Turks brings back many memories my parents shared with my brothers and me while growing up in Buffalo, New York.
Published: 04/16/15