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Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014

Letter of the Day

‘Yes, we are cranky’

It must be nice to live in La La Land (“Cheer up, America,” Paula Dockery, Aug. 17). In her op-ed she cites all the wonderful things we should be cheered up by. I am, by most accounts, a very positive person, but I am also a realist. Wh...
Published: 08/20/14

The heart of the matter in behavioral health

People the world over are grieving the loss of Robin Williams — his gifts to us warrant that — and much has been written about his death. The Tribune ran Simon Jenkins’ “The sadness of a clown who could not be fixed”...
Published: 08/19/14

Manatee review must include all facts and threats

In response to a lawsuit by the Pacific Legal Foundation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided downlisting manatees from endangered to threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act may be warranted, and the agency is embarking on a fi...
Published: 08/18/14

Support the Middle East’s ‘Little America’

The other day I listened to an interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and it quickly became very clear why we need to support Israel 100 percent and not be working behind closed doors to get it to pull back and concede more territory. This...
Published: 08/16/14

Avoid self-fulfilling prophecy

Endorsements and votes appear to be heading Charlie Crist’s way not because he is the best candidate or would make the best governor, but because of the belief that Nan Rich lacks the name recognition and money to beat Rick Scott. Is such rati...
Published: 08/14/14

‘There’s no struggle greater than that for equality’

I’ve just finished reading Douglas MacKinnon’s column “Disney’s gay agenda is disturbing” (Metro, Aug. 12). I’m left a bit numb. Really, what I find disturbing is his opinion, set amidst the greatest Civil Ri...
Published: 08/14/14

Letter of the Day: Remember our allies

We lost another brave serviceman in Afghanistan last week — U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene.
Published: 08/13/14

Letter of the Day: Protecting crossing guards and students

I’m sure you have heard by now about the fixes proposed for the Clearwater intersection where Doug Carey was killed doing his job as a crossing guard. This tragedy has sparked many proposed changes to this deadly intersection and will undoubte...
Published: 08/12/14

Letter of the Day: Recognizing barbarianism when you see it

Regarding “The awful decisions I’ve made to protect my children in Gaza” (Other Views, Aug. 3):
Published: 08/11/14

The diminishing prospect of overall peace in Middle East

Regarding “ ‘Significant responsibility’  for Gaza tragedy” (Letter of the Day, Aug. 4): I fully agree with Michael O’Hara Garcia’s acknowledgment of the Camp David Peace Accords (CDPA) as a shi...
Published: 08/10/14