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Monday, Jan 26, 2015

Letter of the Day

Letter of the day: Hoping that Elia firing doesn’t hurt area’s progress

So many good things are happening in Hillsborough County and Tampa. Tampa has a mayor doing an exceptional job of promoting our city as a great place for people to live and work. We have in Jeff Vinik an accomplished businessman and owner of the Ligh...
Published: 01/26/15

Letter of the Day: Parents want and need more school choice

In Florida alone, there are over 1,400 events planned for National School Choice Week (Jan. 25-31) when kids will break out the signature yellow scarves and families will celebrate the empowerment and opportunity that comes with being able to choose ...
Published: 01/25/15

Letters to the editor: The president has a credibility problem

An Associated Press article you recently printed indicated that President Obama appealed for “better politics” in Washington, and pledged to work with Republicans. There is a reason why Republicans will not work with the president. Obam...
Published: 01/23/15

Letter of the Day: ‘Petty incompetence’

Just one more voice on the firing of our school superintendent, MaryEllen Elia.
Published: 01/23/15

Letter of the Day: Putting lipstick on the medical pot pig

Regarding “The return of reefer madness” (Our Views, Jan. 18):
Published: 01/21/15

Letter of the Day: Reduce the profits of war

Stephen Krasner asks, “Why aren’t we winning wars?” in the Sunday Views section. In regard to “rulers” he writes: “Corruption is not an aberration; it is the lubricant that makes their governing possible....
Published: 01/20/15

Letter of the Day: Stop thinking we’re something we’re not

There is much talk of “rogue” judges, of the courts ignoring and undoing the will of the people. I suggest we all brush up on our history, and remember that our country was structured to do just that.
Published: 01/20/15

Letter of the Day: ‘Why would anyone take two defenseless people’s lives?’

We are coming up on the first anniversary of the murder of my sister, Paula Witthaus, and the man she was taking care of, James Rapp, in St. Petersburg, and still no one has been apprehended. My brother, Kevin Murdy, and I are asking for help from th...
Published: 01/19/15
Letter of the day: Honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with bravery, courage

Letter of the day: Honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with bravery, courage

On Monday, Floridians will once again observe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, honoring the man who advanced and steered a civil rights movement that pushed America toward equality and justice for all persons.
Published: 01/18/15

Letters to editor: Full confidence in Elia’s ability

This letter is intended to convey to the Hillsborough County School Board the Senior High School Principals’ Council’s enthusiastic and unanimous support for our superintendent. We have full confidence in her ability.
Published: 01/17/15