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Monday, Sep 01, 2014

Letter of the Day

Serious and dedicated new citizens

The photo of soon-to-be naturalized citizens taking the Oath of Allegiance that was in the Tribune Aug. 22 really lifted my spirits in a week filled with reports of hateful political lies, the Ferguson killing/riots and the KKK in Florida.
Published: 09/01/14

Letter of the Day: Ferguson: Another potential debacle for America

Regarding “The rage in Ferguson: from the people’s point of view” (Other Views, Aug. 21):
Published: 08/31/14

Law enforcement or shakedown?

Last week Attorney General Eric Holder announced a “historic” settlement of $16.5 billion with Bank of America. The Justice Department had sued Bank of America along with several other lenders for alleged misdeeds during the residential...
Published: 08/30/14

Please, do not bother to call or write me

With Primary Day now past, I hope that both my telephone and my mailbox will get a rest from political ads and messages. Most intelligent people actually decide how they are going to vote and pay no attention to all the garbage thrust upon them. Poli...
Published: 08/29/14

On climate change, don’t wait until we get hit by the iceberg

Reading climate science advice by Tom Jackson makes me happy he is not a financial or medical adviser (“Climate professors and Rick Scott’s sphinxian agenda,” The Right Stuff, Aug. 24).
Published: 08/28/14

Voices of protest have not subsided

Thank you for your Letter of the Day, “Where are today’s protest songs?” (Your Views, Aug. 22). I would like to inform the writer, J.P. Stakun, that protest songs are alive and well at our community-owned, non-commercial radio s...
Published: 08/27/14

Time to slow down charter school train?

In response to “Charter school choice” (Your Views, Aug. 8), Stacy Ulrey Regan writes very emphatically as a satisfied parent with a child at Winthrop Charter School in Riverview. She criticizes Superintendent MaryEllen Elia for “...
Published: 08/26/14

CSX’s ‘irresponsible and flagrant’ behavior

Regarding “CSX train blocks Dade City streets for hours — again” (Aug. 19):
Published: 08/25/14

‘Take the fight to them with everything we have’

In 1980-81 I served aboard a U.S. Navy Destroyer for 204 days off the coast of Iran during the Iran Hostage Crisis in an area known to sailors as GONZO Station. In the 33 years since then, the situation has only gone from bad to worse because of a gl...
Published: 08/24/14

Letter of the Day: Drug testing for the stars

During the past several months and years there have been many news reports of excessive alcohol and illegal drug use by notables in the entertainment business. There have been arrests, multiple trips to rehab, deaths and sometimes the loss of the wil...
Published: 08/23/14